Twitter temporarily disables its ‘trends’ section in Ethiopia

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Nov 5 (Reuters) – Social network Twitter Inc (TWTR.N) has temporarily disabled its Trends section in Africa’s conflict-hit nation of Ethiopia over threats of physical harm, the company said on Friday, and was monitoring the situation.

“Inciting violence or dehumanizing people is against our rules… Given the imminent threat of physical harm, we’ve also temporarily disabled Trends in Ethiopia,” it said.

A man walks on the outskirts of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, November 5, 2021. REUTERS/Tiksa Negeri
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  1. How about these bigoted individuals who uses derogatory and inciting names to call our Amhara brothers and sisters ‘neftegna’ and ‘fascists’? How about those equally bigoted individuals calling my Oromo kin and kit ‘extremists’? How about those who use the word ‘Agame’ in hateful and denigrating manner our noble people from Tigray? The use of the word ‘neftegna’ has proved to be deadly to innocent poor peasant and urban dwellers since the early 1990’s. So has the use of the term ‘extremists’. Twitter must search and expurgate those who use these incendiary bigoted epithets. They should be banned for life. The truth is there are no Amhara fascists, Oromo extremists and Agame racists. The fact is there have been fascist, extremist and racist individuals who happened to be born to Amhara, Oromo and Tigray parents. Were all Italians fascists? Were all Germans Nazis? If so then Schindler was a Nazi and so were those in the Resistenza italiana and la Resistenza who fought Mussolini and his ally Hitler tooth and nail during WWII. How about those Italian individuals who were smuggling clothing and medical supplies to our own freedom fighters in the 1930’s? Twitter must be even handed in this matter.

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