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Tsehaye Yohanes – Ethiopia (New Song)

Tsehaye Yohanes – Ethiopia (New Song)
tsehaye Yohannes

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  1. ኢትዮጵያን በዘፈን ብቻ የምንወዳት አይምሰልብን ። ጥቂቶች ያበዱና የተበላሹ የትግሬ ጉጂሌዎች እንዲህ አገር ሲያስቸግሩ እያየን ዝም አንበል። ማድረግ የምንችለውን ሁሉ ለሚዋደቁት እጃችንን እንዘርጋ። በዘፈን መደሰትም ሃገር ሲኖረን ነው። ሳቅ ፈገግታ ደስታ አብሮን የሚኖረው አገር ስትኖር ነው ብሏል የጥንቱ የጥዋቱ ዝነኛውና ተወዳጁ ድምጻዊ ጥላሁን ገሠሠ። አቦ ነፍስህን ይማረው!!!!!

  2. All Ethiopians, take the struggle against our common enemy and fight it till is dead for eternity. The enemy shall not sleep deep for a minute until it’s goal of hurting our country and pain us deeply. This is what the enemy is dreaming. We shall not take the extremely dangerous enemy of ours very lightly; rather, we shall combine the mighty crushing feast and rest it on the enemy that we have been fighting and battling against for years.
    We shall let fly our flag higher and higher while the enemy is suffocating itself by its own dark blood! Death to Askaris!

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