Tsedale Lemma is a TPLF/OLF Apologist !!!!

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Tedla Asfaw
February 02, 2021

Tsedale Lemma is a TPLF/OLF Apologist !!!!

Tsedale Lemma in yesterday’s discussion on Center For Strategic International Studies (CSIS) with Congressman Gregory Meek the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee characterized Ethiopia as a country tearing herself apart.
Her first recommendation was for the Eritrea army she accused of war crimes in Tigray to leave immediately. She also called for immediate cessation of hostilities meaning TPLF is still a fighting force Ethiopia has to “Talk” too for delivering food.
The cry of humanitarian aid, the agenda of TPLF foreign supporters, saving TPLF by all means is what Tsedale Lemma is reinforcing using her CSIS appearance.
 Aid is being distributed while TPLF militias are still on run around caves while their leaders are being captured or dead.
Foreigners disguised as humanitarian organizations must not be allowed to re-supply arms to start guerilla warfare. Game Over !!! No “Taliban” in Tigray !!!
Maikadra massacre of thousand Amhara seasonal workers by TPLF and the crime against Ethiopian Defense Force (EDF) is being investigated, no outside body can meddle in sovereign Ethiopia. Go and investigate the war crimes in Syria, Libya and Yemen if you are serious about war crimes !!!
Accusing Eritrea for war crime is TPLF propaganda for the last 3 months. When war crime was committed by TPLF against EDF that started the Nov 3 war in Tigray Eritrea sheltered  and fed those who entered its territory, that is a commendable action. Thank You Isaias Afeworki and the people of Eritrea !!!
When TPLF fired rockets a couple of times to Eritrea to internationalize the war Eritrea ignored its futile attempt.
Eritrea’s involvement in Tigray war of law and order is extremely exaggerated by TPLF foreign agents and TPLF/OLF supporters like Tsedale Lemma who believed TPLF will win the war in a few weeks to return to power in Addis Ababa.
The humiliating defeat of TPLF in less than three weeks by EDF and Amhara special forces marching in difficult terrain from West, South by EDF from North to avenge their slaughtered comrades murdered on their bed is an extraordinary achievement in military warfare.
TPLF that toppled Mengistu Hailemariam in 17 yrs with the help of Eritrea defeated in 17 days.That is to be left for military operation hand book and history lesson in the future.
TPLF apologists,Tsedale Lemma and the likes who never stood for Tigray people under TPLF brutalization are now shedding their crocodile tears. We know who you are Tsedale Lemma, anti Ethiopia Tribalists !!!
Tsedale’s bias also exposed when she was talking about Benishangul Gumuz atrocity  by not naming the victims. The victims were Amharas; she knows that but she doesn’t care about them because they have been targeted by TPLF/OLF for more than three decades !! She is a mouthpiece of OLF !!!!
Any attempt by the victims defending themselves is illegitimate also by Tsedale Lemma because Amhara lives does not matter as a life of Tigray she cried out loudly to be protected. Racism 101!!!!
 She is a Tribal politician working with the likes of CSIS that has promoted USA failed policy towards Ethiopia for 30 yrs. Giving a floor for such a personality will not bring genuine discussion.Let her show up as spokesperson for TPLF/OLF not as a journalist because she is not !!!!
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  1. arerachuh tekatelu when you are talking about someone lmike that giving afull article it signals that you are jealousy and truly upset

  2. To understand Tsedale Lemma’s vicious hatred for Ethiopia, one just needs to look at her writing over the past five years. Nothing seems to make Tsedale happier than tarnishing the name of Ethiopia and writing ‘muart’ about its prospects. Even the titles and images she chooses for her editorial are descriptive of her sick hatred for our country; the TPLF – Prosperity war only brought more of her poison to the surface. Years ago, about the time of the Oromo Protest, I observed, during a live interview, foreign expats lurking behind Tsedale. Maybe she is just serving as a tool to foreign interests with destructive designs on Ethiopia.

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