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Oromo American Citizens Council

Oromo-American Citizens Council (OACC)

For immediate release:
February 27, 2017


The OACC is alarmed by the unsettling grave situation transpiring in Oromia today. Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, the TPLF has hit a new low. The revival and strengthening of Oromo protest over the last two years had shaken the TPLF/EPRDF regime to its core. Even though it has by and large installed military administration using the so called State of Emergency declaration, the TPLF knows that this is a temporary fix that cannot stop the impending Oromo uprising. The regime has realized that it cannot quell the Oromo movement
and rule as before.

Kadir Abdurahman who was killed by Liyu Police TPLF’s mercenary paramilitary in Miesso district, West Hararge today March 5, 2017.

Therefore, in addition to its old tactic of dividing the Oromo within itself, the regime has now devised and rolled out a new tactic aimed at averting the Oromo rage from itself to a new foe it is fabricating for the Oromos. This new tactic is instigating conflict between the Oromo and all its neighbors. In the last few months, the regime has partially succeeded in one area. In using the puppet Somali regional state, that has committed untold atrocities against its own people, TPLF has declared war and annexed some Oromia territories to Somalia region.

As a result of the terroristic and violent action of the notorious semi criminal roving band called Liyu Police, to date more than two-hundred Oromos are killed and many more hundreds are
maimed, and thousands of goats and chattels are looted from the people. In addition, thousands are evicted from their land and homes. The Liyu Police, with the blessing of the Ethiopia
government, is today occupying significant part of Oromia. Unless stopped immediately, this has a great consequence for the future territorial integrity of Oromia.

Evidence is coming out that the regular TPLF army members are not only participating in the Liyu Police raids against the Oromo population, but are also leading it from behind. One of the fundamental functions of any government is to keep peace and stability. In Ethiopia, the irony is that it is the government that foments conflict and instability. The Oromo and Somali population should not fall prey to this malicious TPLF tactic of divide and rule. There is no enmity between the Oromo and Somali population. They should rather be wise and stand together and fight this cancerous regime that is becoming the source of all conflict in the country.

Unless and until it is removed from power, it should definitely be expected that the TPLF will concoct similar conflicts between the Oromo and other ethnic groups. Thus, it’s incumbent on
the Oromo population to keep vigilant and guard against such political machinations. It is only the lack of strong Oromo government and the division between the Oromos that has made Oromia vulnerable and to be overrun by any force at will. And it’s only the concerted effort of the Oromo population, in alliance with all peace loving peoples of Ethiopia, that can put an end to this troubling situation.

Today, it is the Somali militia, and tomorrow, unless we are prepared, it’s going to be militia forces from other regions that are going to occupy and slaughter our defenseless and forsaken
population with impunity. Therefore, it is high time that all Oromos, including those in the government who still have a little nationalism left in them, come together, strengthen their unity, and confront this dangerous situation in unison. This is a national issue that should worry every Oromo irrespective of any political and any other differences. At this crucial stage of our people’s struggle, it’s especially incumbent on Oromo political organizations, by taking into account the gravity of the situation, to close their gap more than any other time, and lead our people to the final victory.

Oromo-American Citizens Council (OACC) is a Minnesota non-profit organization established and functioning since 2002. We are made up of Oromo-Americans and others who are concerned about Oromo issues. Among others, we advocate for equal rights of Oromos in Ethiopia, expose human rights violations, and help initiate dialogue and reconciliation among various Ethiopian groups.


  1. To begin with, there was no country called Oromo (that is your biggest mistake to start with the above title), and will not be in the planet of the earth. It is an illusion of OLF; yes there is a so called Oromia Killel for now, under brutal mafia group of TPLF, but when all human beings in the geographical area of Ethiopia begin to understand what God given individual freedom is, all this fiction stories made up of OLF and TPLF will be eradicated.
    There are more than 80 ethnic groups in Ethiopia, and that doesn’t mean any one of them own any part of Ethiopia. All Ethiopians have the right to work, live any where in that country as long as they respect individual rights of other human being. When any person comes to this world, the only thing that comes with him of her is humanity not ethnicity, religion or language, and then learns what ever is available around her or him. So ethnicity, religion and language are secondary, and the only thing that makes him or her similar with others in the society is only being a human being.
    One thing I want to mention is, please stop thinking as a group, and start to figure out who you are and what you want first, and after that learn how to stand up for your own God given freedom for yourself, instead of thinking as a group and confusing others. No body can bring a freedom for any other human being other than him of herself. So don’t look like you are concerned for others without even knowing who you are and where you came from. If you deny your Ethiopian heritage you are no body to concern for the people in Ethiopia. The so called organized in group, you are the main reason why the Ethiopians are dying as we speak because you are helping TPLF mafia group to do what ever they want by confusing people instead of showing the reality and let every individual understand and decide for his or her right of God given freedom and united as human being under the Country Ethiopia and get raid of the brutal TPLF regime. You think you know everything because your went to university and got your degree (it doesn’t mean I am against education, it is always good to have knowledge if you use it properly other than using it for MONEY bringing machine), but as I can see the most problem creators for the last 40-50 years in Ethiopia are the so called intellectual idiots, who are not really understand what they are doing. As I can see, most of the so called organized in group are confusing people by telling none existing stories and working against the united ETHIOPIANS HUMAN BEINGS STRUGGLE FOR GOD GIVEN FREEDM and working for TPLF with or without knowledge and understanding.
    If you want to think like a human being, first change yourself and stop being an obstacle for others rather than acting like a concerned group. If things are continuing this way TPLF will continue to kill, torture and imprisoned people of Ethiopia in different ways. So you think you are helpful by writing all source of stories, but you are not helping at all, and instead please cleanup yourself from hate full stories and figure out who you are and where you came from.

    God bless the Ethiopian people!!

  2. What is your problem Debela? An organization condemned the killing of innocent people. Are you against that? And “Killil” is in Amharic, in English its called state. This is federalism, like Minnesota is called a state, Oromia is also a state. What is your problem? Am I sensing chauvinism speak here?

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