TPLF’s Mockery, Celebrating Nations and Nationalities Day | Harari Revival Movement Press Release

HRM (Harari Revival Movement) press release

Since TPLF/EPRDF took power, it was trying to depict itself as a vanguard of nations and nationalities (ethnic groups) of Ethiopia. According to TPLF rhetoric, EPRDF is the first Ethiopian government that constitutionally assured the right of ethnic groups to preserve their culture and language, to record their history from their own point of view, and implement self-administration. Unfortunately, the objective reality on the ground doesn’t substantiate TPLF’s assertion.

Even though regional states are named after ethic groups, all regional governments are ruled by TPLF appointed surrogates. In the last 25 years, no regional state elected its own rulers. In the contrary, regional states are governed by cronies appointed by TPLF from local people to safeguard TPLF’s interest. These corrupt surrogates impose EPRDF’s policies designed to prolong the power of the ruling junta instead of addressing the crucial needs of the regional states.

For the last ten years, TPLF started celebrating nations and nationalities day in the month of December. Corrupt and extravagant regional and federal government officials spend billions on weeklong feast in celebrations held in different regional states every year. Opting to have extravagant feast that costs billions by the corrupt and irresponsible ruling junta politicians in one of the poorest country of the world where people are languishing in abject poverty is an insult to the injury of Ethiopian people. In 1070’s, history is a grim reminder of the consequences of the lavish birthday celebration by the royals while millions of people were perishing in severe drought and hunger in Wollo province and other places.

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This December, the weeklong celebration of the 11th nations and nationalities day is scheduled to be held in Harari Regional State and will be hosted by the two governing parties (Harari National League & Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization) who are TPLF lapdogs.  This mind boggling event is taking place: (a) while the rest of the country is taking the fight to streets face to face with the federal AGAZI forces and paying the ultimate sacrifices seeking  basic human rights,  justice, democracy, good governance, rule of law, and equality; (b) while thousands of Ethiopians (students, intellectuals, opposition political party members, human right activists, journalists, religious leaders, and ordinary people who are falsely accused of aiding anti-government forces) are being  hunted, jailed without due process, tortured, and summerly executed; (c) while over 20 million Ethiopians are exposed to drought, hunger, and starvation; (d) while the nation-wide state of emergency declared by the federal government for six months is still in place.

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Harari Revival Movement condemns, denounces, and rejects in the strongest terms possible the extravagant feast organized by federal and their local surrogates to be held in Harar (The 4th holiest city of Islam) in the name of nation and nationalities.

We also call upon all Ethiopians … political parties, civic institutions, social organizations, civil servants, communities, professional associations,  and citizens of Harari and neighboring regional state to act swiftly and join us (Harari Revival Movement) in solidarity to denounce and reject  the so called nations and nationalities day festival from taking place in the historic and ancient walled city of Harar.

Harari Revival Movement

Central Command (in cooperation with worldwide reginal command centers)

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