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TPLF’s Diplomatic Move Towards Greater Tigray

Amanuel Biedemariam
On February 9, 2015, Peace talks between the Ethiopian government and the ONLF resumed in Nairobi. According to the head of foreign of affairs of the ONLF Mr. Abdirahman Mahdi, “The objective of their talk with the Ethiopian government is to end the conflict of the region and to get the Ogaden Somalis for their right of Self-determination.” This raises many questions. Why now and why negotiate when the stated objective of the ONLF is self-determination? Why negotiate before a major national election? Is this a move towards some bilateral relation with the ONLF if agreement is reached? A ploy to stall, or is to confuse the Ethiopian people? However, the biggest and most significant development took place in Tigray.
On February 18, 2015, the 40th anniversary of the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) was held in Mekelle, the capital of the Tigray Regional State. According to Ethiopian News Agency (ena), “The celebrations were attended by President Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan, Paul Kagame of Rwanda and President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of Somalia, Prime Minister Kamil Abdelkadir Mohamed of Djibouti, Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda of Uganda, and Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Chairperson of the African Union Commission. Prime Minister Hailemariam and, senior government officials earlier laid wreaths at the cemetery at the Martyrs Monument to honor those who died in the seventeen year struggle against the former military dictatorship.”
The minority apartheid regime monopolizes all aspects of the nation’s governance and has long-denied the opposition political space. After the 2005 rigged elections, the people of Ethiopia have given-up on peaceful democratic transition. As a result, there are many opposition groups waging armed struggle. In the North, Tigray Peoples Democratic Movement (TPDM), on the South the Oromo Liberation Front OLF, in the East the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), in central Ethiopia Arbegnoch – Ginbot7 for Unity and Democracy Movement (AGUDM) to mention some.
The people of Ethiopia have long accused the TPLF of trying to create an independent Tigray state. According to Article 39 of the Ethiopian Constitution that the TPLF wrote and instated, “Every nation, nationality and people in Ethiopia has an unconditional right to self-determination including the right to secession.” This means, based on the constitution when the regime chooses it can declare independence. Ethiopians have long accused that the TPLF accords disparate advantage to Tigray. They accuse the regime of creating a de-facto nation within a nation. They accuse it for diverting major resources into Tigray. The minority regime has been building roads, international airport, stadium (capacity 60,000) and rail way systems that link Tigray to the world independent from the rest of Ethiopia. In the capital city of Tigray region Mekele, they built a diplomatic row to house future diplomats and facilitate diplomatic activities. Key aspects of Ethiopian military and air force is firmly established in Tigray. In Africa it is not customary; in fact it is unheard-of to see leaders of states honor a revolution that is specific to one region inside a nation. In this case a country that is home of the African Union, Ethiopia. The agenda of the TPLF is the independence of Tigray (Abay Tigray). The leaders of Sudan, Somalia and Rwanda know the regional, ethnic and religious diversity Ethiopia offers. They also understand issues associated with it and have firsthand experience on how these regional and ethnic differences can tear-apart a nation as in Rwanda and South Sudan. Hence, it makes one wonder of the thought process and the reasoning for accepting such an invitation and the participation at the presidential level. By inviting the leaders to celebrate the 40th year anniversary of “Tigray People’s Liberation Front” in Tigray, the TPLF conducted a de-facto diplomatic relation with these countries.
The question, is this a last move towards the independence of Tigray? Conclusion The TPLF used the 40th anniversary of the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front to introduce the idea of independent Tigray guised as “Tigray Regional State.” This is dangerous move that has no chance to succeed. It will also increase the tension in Ethiopia and throughout the region. Few from the minority clique have benefited in the name of Tigray and at the expense of the majority. This has now created resentment and mistrust which is a recipe for disaster. Hence it is incumbent upon all peace loving people to ensure the future stability of the region through cooperation and campaigns to undermine the dangerous minority clique and stop it on its tracks.

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  1. Abay Tigray , Wa, WA, Wa…………..shame, and sad!!!! I know it is coming but I never thought that I will see this in my life time, they are on the mission, they want to finish what they started 50 + years ago, they did a good job. They eliminate all obstacles from their way, they have no fear, they new that no longer ETHIOPIANWINET exist, they are sure they can urinate on Ethiopians, and they can rewrite history the way they want it, no one can stop them, shame on us, Shame on us!!!!

  2. Who is Amanuel Biedemariam?
    TPLF/Shaebia are anti-Ethiopia no question about it, but greater Tigray may be of TPLF, but not Tigreans. B/c TPLF doesn’t represent Tigray, thus the theory doesn’t hold water. If you see the map of Tigray on the T-shirts it is the same map that now exist. Where is your evidence? Yes, these people on the picture are Tigreans who represent TPLF not Tigreans. Let me ask you one question: EPRDF is saying that it represents Ethiopia does this hold water? No. The same way TPLF is saying they represent Tigray, but they don’t. They are ruling all Ethiopians under the burrel of a gun.

  3. there is no abay tigray or greater tigray but there is great Ethiopia we are ethiopian no power can change this !!!!!!!!! this is just some fullish idea !!!!!!!! long live Ethiopia

  4. There is some truth to your article. However, to call for African leaders to see the truth is like wanting to get fresh water from a boulder. Will the State of Tigray secede from left over Ethiopia and become a nation? The answer is negative. TPLF may have entertained such ambition when they were in the bushes, but not anymore. They are now focused on looting Ethiopia and amassing huge amounts of money at home and outside the country. To relinquish the rest of Ethiopian and to be confined in the boundaries of ” the state of Tigray” is unthinkable for these hoodlums. Do you Know how many military personnel got over a million dollar home in Addis ababa? Do you know most of the wealth they are amassing is coming outside Tigray? For an argument let us say they are planning a nationhood for the state of Tigray. If that is the case, I can assure you the Tigrean people will not let that happen. They are part and parcel of the Ethiopian fabric. They will go to the bushes and fight them till the bitter end. Therefore, I will not lose sleep on TPLF’s display of diplomacy. They are narrow minded, short sighted, ethnically centered with no idea for a better tomorrow.

  5. This is one of the very things that will not be successful under any circumstances. Tigray’s geographical position will never allow it to be an independent nation. The province of Tigray is located between an independent nation of Eritrea and Amhara region of Ethiopia. These two places will be ardent enemies to an independent Tigray making it very difficult to survive if tplf decides to proclaim independence. It will b sandwiched between two hostile countries. Off course the tplf is not a far sighted organization and it might go ahead with its plan of cessation when things become dangerous for its survival. However, it will not be successful.

  6. Can they do it fast so that we, Erhiopians without Tigray, will have peace and prosperity?
    I cannot wait to see Ethiopia without this racist people.

    • Do you mean CANCER? a racist could be changed if he reads and ready to see the truth (of the world)but these CANCERS are already metastasized

    These were true fire tested Ethiopian heroes who freed us from mass starvation and endless civil war, and these men were the main reason we Ethiopians enjoying unprecedented freedom and unprecedented economic growth in Ethiopias history.

  8. TPLF can destroy Eritrea in 2 weeks and occupy it forever. Amara can never dare to stir any sort of trouble against Tigreans,on whom they will rely for genarations to come for protection from Oromos, Somalis, Afars, welayitas, Sidamas, Gambelas,etc.
    We the new generation Amaras ought not forget the fact Tigres as Axumites, had ruled the entire East Africa and Arabia for over 4000 years.

  9. This is not the first time the author of this article is writing such on such stuff. This one is written with the intent of scare-mongering. If Tigray goes away, I say hell with. Tigrayans are with the rest of Ethiopians before and now ONLY and ONLY for their own advantage/interest and survival. If they go, they know what they lose.
    Eritrea is gone, Ethiopia and Ethiopians are still there. All the old fear is gone and now we live without even thinking about them unless woyanes/TPLF remind us about them once in while. So, someone or a bunch of individuals with a hidden agenda/interest are trying to keep us hostage by creating fear of losing Tigray and other regions. This may work for some time, but not for ever. Once we know what is going on, all the fear will fade away and we will living our lives.
    Our immediate plan and struggle must be come out of our fears and fighting the tyrannical regime for our ultimate freedom, justice, democracy and the right to work and live in peace in any part of our country. I know that is not easy, but it got to be done by hook or crook. What choice do we have other than this?

    Why is it this undesirable and unwanted Eritrean author bothers and mingle in Ethiopians affair ? ? I guess, ERITREA must be desperste to see ETHIOPIANS divided and poor. Sorry, unlike hopeless starving beggar ERITREA, that our country ETHIOPIA is becoming a rising star, beyond our expectation.

  11. tplf has doubled the land mass of tigre province by snatching land from Afar in the east, wollo and Gonder in the south and west. THEY CANNOT TAKE LAND FROM ERITREA, BECAUSE THAT IS NOT AN EASY TARGET.see their t-shirt they are wearing. once tplf declares its cessation, the war will begin for land . and we will Not knw what the end is going to be. tplf PARASITES look after their own interest. if their projects do not work out, they have looted billions of birr that will be enough for their childrens chidren and they will leave the mess behind and settle down in their maNsions in switzerland and USA.

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