TPLF’s  decades long “Divide and Rule policy”  cracking the  Diaspora opposition once again.

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by Muluken Gebeyew

After 25 years of brutal ruling, TPLF has been severely shaken  by the new generation peaceful struggle  launched in the last one year. The youth, mostly born and  brought up in the last 25 years have rebelled against TPLF’s  ideology, policy and oppressive regime.


The youth in Gonder demonstration   cracked  the strong wall, the famous TPLF’s “divide and rule policy” when they said “Stop killing our Oromo brothers”, “Oromo’s blood is my blood”.  This galvanised the existing Oromo youth’s peaceful struggle.   The country was caught by spirit of change and the whole Ethiopia  was “on fire”.   TPLF tried every means to quash the struggle but failed. TPLF  forced to launch “State of Emergency”.

Sadly, some vocal Diaspora political activists poured cold water on the struggle of the domestic youth  by immersing themselves and actively engaging pro-TPLF activities. Instead of learning from the  past 25 years weakness, once again the Diaspora politicians who consider themselves as “the leader” instead of “supporter” prepared to eat the fruits of the youth’s revolution before it ripe.  Instead of working in partnership and uniting  the  opposition force  against TPLF,  some went far to be in the TPLF casino to play the age old games.  Some declared how to disjoint  Ethiopia;  some others called conferences of single ethnic group  as if the rest of Ethiopian nationals are “foreign” or not oppressed by TPLF led regime. Even those who are known for their Ethiopian agenda shamefully goes to micro division in ethnicity. Some launched war against ESAT, the most important alternative voice of Ethiopian people.

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ESAT has been dong great job in fighting  the TPLF propaganda and being the voice of the voiceless. ESAT can have its weakness but to launch war against ESAT is betrayal against the Ethiopian people and prolonging TPLF rule.

TPLF survived from death bed by this Diaspora based political activists betrayal of the domestic youth revolution. The strong wall of “divide and rule ” policy which was cracked by the domestic youths  unfortunately well mended by the vocally active  Diaspora political activists.

TPLF, of course invested all its resources for such to divide the Diaspora political activism  from  proactively supporting the  popular movement  at home.  TPLF’s paid mercenaries are able to infiltrate the diasporas political activism  and  trapped it in their decade long “divide  them by their ethnicities and religion,  weaken them and rule” policy.

Once again, lets learn from our mistakes we have been doing again and again. Lets listen what the youths at home told us  to work in partnership and unit our force against TPLF. Our role is not to “lead” but to “support”  the home based struggle.

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Ethiopia is home for all of us. We can build a country where no one is discriminated by  ethnicity, religion, gender, ability, age, political opinion or other factors. The common enemy which is killing and imprisoning Ethiopians is TPLF.

Never abandon those  brothers and sisters at home fighting TPLF’s led regime. Never give up. Had our forefathers gave up due to the might of Italian military forces, we would have been different people and our identity lost.

Open your eyes and ears, let’s listen the people back home and support the struggle in united approach! Let’s  stand and work  together to be owners of our country!


  1. Ethiopian Americans should send all their newly expected income increase to Woyane when America becomes Great Again. The money should be sent on one precondition which is Hailemariam Desalegn resigns giving up his power to an elected person.It is expected each Ethiopian Americans income will atleast double within the next year, since America is about to become great again with all jobs flowing back to America from other countries. That is why Ethiopian Americans should use their newly found wealth to pay Woyane/Hailemariam to give up power.I am sure Woyane will accept Ethiopian-Americans money even if it means to give up power officially . Since all other western aid is expected to dry up within the next year Ethiopian Americans need to use this opportunity to put Hailemariam out and put an elected official in his place. Here is the sad thing the Ethiopian protestant church members are not well educated in history even they do not know when the protestant church started. As most of you might know the Today there are over 1700 protestant churches in the world even in Ethiopia there are over 29 protestant church because they update them according to the preachers understanding of the bible and there leadership that is why I like Esayas of Eritrea he understands the mission of the protestant church for that he has been accused by the west. . Woyane will do anything for money if Western governments don’t give them money Woyanes will obey whoever is next that is giving them money we can not let it be some other foreign entity anymore. We Ethiopian need to be the one paying this money mongers so we can tell the what to do as the people voted for,in this case it can be the Ethiopian-Americans who are expected to get paid more money than they can spend in their lifetime within the next few years so they need to step up and do the right thing. . All that Ethiopian Ameircans need to do is give Woyane money on preconditions ,if Woyanes don’t do what Ethiopian-Americans tell them to do then Ethiopian-Americans can cut the money for sure Woyane will not like loosing money since even Tigrayans will revolt against Woyane if Woyane start going broke.I can not say to much I am sorry I have to go work I might come back later.

  2. I dont understand why the people of Ethiopia talking too much about TPLF /Woyane/…its is a group of ineducated Mafia who by chance & by the help of the EPLF sit in the chair of Ethiopia…Othewise believe me 200 over 100 if you start beating this group you will live peacefully with your neighbours in future without any problems…or suffer from anyone…pls dont change a cat to tiger…the group of Woyane are less than cats…kick them out of Ethiopia…

  3. No need to think too much about TPLF /Woyane/ just kick them out of Ethiopia…cos this people are struggling for Tigray from the begining not for Ethiopia but unfortnatly when they get power with the help of EPLF…they start their hidden agenda cos EPLF was struggling for independence of Eritrea & for united Ethiopia…now this is the time to kick Woyane from Ethiopia otherwise this group of uneducated Mafia will kill…stealing Ethiopian properties…money…and take it to Tigray…they think people of Ethiopia is weak but Ethiopians are strong enough to defeat Woyane and throw them out of Ethiopia…go ahead…dont change a cat to tiger cos Woyane are less than a cat…

  4. If “Ethiopia is home for all of us”, every self-declared poltical leader living in a foreign country should shut his mouth and think how Ethiopia could be a peaceful democratic country.
    Many of those opposing EPRDF are just EPRDF haters, not Ethiopian lovers. This is the truth. They are more narrow-minded than EPRDF is.

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