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TPLF/EPRDF’s regime once again plotting to cause further bloodshed in Sidama land

(Sidama National Regional State) ‘Imprisoning the weakest groups of criminals leaving key players makes no change in Sidama land and beyond’

Sidana Girls
Sidana Girls
The unsettling situation unfolding in Sidama region is becoming worse than it’s even been since TPLF led regime assumed power in June 1991. The discontents between the regime’s regional/Sidama Zone authorities who are labouring day and night to implement their and their federal bosses’ anti-Sidama policy on federalising Sidama capital city which has been vigorously rejected by the Sidama people of all walk of life on one hand; ongoing Sidama nation’s constitutional quest for regional self-administration on the other- makes the situation so complicated and profoundly difficult. To date the regime’s illegal and non-representative cadres are plotting against the rights of the Sidama nation -seriously undermining their own constitution which states otherwise.

The inner sources from Sidama land discloses this evening that the regime is showing that it isn’t resting at all.

The current Ethiopian PM Hailemariam Desalegn (who was elevated to his current position for his unlawful actions against Sidama nation immediately after the Looqqe massacre) who is key player during the said massacre of hundreds of purely Sidama civilians (amounting genocide), is once again recklessly plotting for another massacre whilst the 12th anniversary (May 24, 2014) is just under 4 months away.

Currently, the cadres are beating war-drum in Sidama land and the situation might not be as easy as they might think, simply because the power and determinations of wounded Tigers and Tigress can’t a simple one. They don’t understand the extent of Sidama nations’ psychological preparation for their ongoing issues involving defending its ancestral land from being taken away without price. The indefatigability of the nation shouldn’t be underestimated although the weapon with which the regime slaughters civilians is heavier than the Sidama nation can put up with. However, the Sidama nation has got the power of will and purpose, therefore they can defy odds to convincingly defend their rights; if the need arises.

As the regime itself is uncontrollably shaking, playing such game with the Sidama nation might prove that its interests of the amalgamated south will be at stake if the situation gets to whole scale conflicts which will be inevitable if the regime continues with its constitutionally unlawful actions against the right of the Sidama nation.

The source from Sidama disclose this evening that they regime is also confusing things by arresting the least wanted groups of corrupt employed cadres so that the attentions of the Sidama nation diverts from more important issues to somewhere else whilst they are undertaking their hidden meeting which is due to take place in Hawassa town on February 19, 2014, the source says.

Additionally the source elaborates that the regional TPLF cadres are testing the strength of Sidama’s TPLF cadres by advising them to remove their administrative capital from Hawassa to somewhere else which hasn’t yet to be seen.

The following is from face book information posted by the one of the trusted Sidama personnel whose information is reliable and accurate.

በዚህ ሰሞን የተከናወኑ ዋና ዋና ጉዳዮች በሲዳማና አካባቢዋ [core issues of the week from Sidama region]

1) 23 mangisitete loosaasine Hawaasi ከtamira meታሰራቸው:- [23 government employees were arrested allegedly with corruption case]< 12 ከቱላ ክ/ከተማ ጤ/ጥ/ጽ/ቤት (እነ በጋሻው ባልጉዳ፣ኤልያስ ሚካኤል፣ሣሙኤል ዩን ኩራ፣ተስፋዬ ፋይሳና….) እና 11 ከባንሳ ወረዳ ጤ/ጥ/ጽ/ቤትና ፋይ/ኢኮ/ል/ጽ/ቤት ሰራተኞች (እነቶማስ ጫዊቻና…)፡፡ 2) 11 የደ/ብ/ብ/ሕ ክልል አድማ በታኝ በሚል የሚታወቁ ፖሊሶች ከነ ትጥቃቸውመጥፋታቸው፡፡ [11 police personnel from the southern regional anti-demonstration and rapid response team are absconded with their weapons te source says] 3) በሀዋሳ ከተማ ከደቡብ ኢት/ያ ህዝቦች ዴሞክራሳዊ ንቅናቄ(ደኢህዴን) ዋና ቅ/ጽ/ቤት ጋርበአንድ አጥር ግብ ውስጥ የሚገኘውን የሲዳማ ዞን ደኢህዴን ቅ/ጽ/ቤት አፍርሳችው ወደፈለጋቹበት ቦታ ወስዳችው መገንባት ትችላላችው ተብሎ በክልል ባለሥልጣናት መነገሩ፡፡The above informant finalises with [This is the zero sum game of TPLF] remark.Another informant also suggests as follows:-For the question I have asked the source about what is the news and what are the regime’s cadres in Sidama are doing this week; the sources says it’s very difficult to summarise as the issue are multidimensional. However he say the following:-Assitanno farra hiittee kule hiitte agureemmohero diafoommo [I don’t know what and which to tell and which one to leave aside from all injustice they plan to implement in Sidama land against Sidama people]. Xaa yannara umi istraateejensa 2007 doorshshira eela gaxararete geeshsha dirrite arsoaddere amadatenna addi addi horonni dogate.[The primary and currently ongoing strategy of the regime’s Sidama cadres is planning to control all peoples of the Sidama in particular focus on rural areas involving paying them bribery with minimum cash until the election is over]…ikkirono mannu qarrinsaralla insawii addi addi horo adhinona giddoodinsay tenne mangiste horo effire giwino [Although the farmers who are bribed by the regime’s cadres are taking money due to regime induced poverty and deprivation in Sidama region, however in their hearts they know that the regime is playing game against their constitutional rights].For the question I have asked about the rumour on the fact that the regime is preparing some form of hidden agenda which it might uses to deceive the Sidama people, the source replied:- Bashsho gede sanadda xawoho fushsha agurtinowe….[Not to repeat the mistake the regime committed during the June 12, 2012’s Hawassa federalising document that caused series of demonstrations across the entire Sidama region and obliged the regime to take U-turn, they cadres are working sensitively on it]ikkiro kayi ninke macca kayinse agarre hee’noommona xaa geeshsha hattoori dino [However, the Sidama nation is vigilant and keeping an eye on the situation, thus never rest at all]. Ikkino sibsaba qixxeessite barra 11/6/2006 M.D yaano techcho barra 22 nku woradinni 2 geerranna,3 woradu dehiden kaadirra woshshite hasaawissanni noona hanni mayira woshshitinoro afate guungiissanni noommona anfeemmona [to hold secret meeting on 11, 06, 2006 Ethiopian calendar the cadres’ invited 2 Sidama elders and 3 regime’s cadres from the entire Sidama’s 22 districts; for the meeting invitees already arrived on the evening of 18 February 2014] Techchooti baalanta woradda eine galle yitinohuna rosonsa mite sanade qixxeessite doggannonsa yine macca kayinse agarre hee’noommo. [As the invitees were told to arrive today (18 February 2014) as usual they might have a hidden agenda to be discussed up on without the knowledge of the Sidama people]. Mahooýe.ane nafa diafidhinoena woloota ooso baara widoo noo manni dirijjitenkera xilaashete buurtanno mannaatina insa ledo hasaabbinoonni insa poste assitannore like assitinoonni yite gamaggamtanno yinanna macciishshoommo [the cadres alsoseriously warning their members as well as those who are government employees by stating that the Sidama Diasporas are blackmailing their party and damaging Ethiopia’s reputation, therefore they advise not to read anything written by Diaspora Sidama’s and don’t like anything they post’] Lai ninke gobba heeshsho togoote free press yinanni qoosso agarama gatteenna like assinoyihura calla waajjishiinshanninke, [Such is a life in this country the source adds:--let alone having a freedom of expression and assembly, we are not fortunate enough to ‘like’ something Sidama Diaspora written issues about the matters important to Sidama nation and its constitutional rights to regional self-determination; Maganu kaa'lonke! [May God almighty help us and our nation the source finalises] summarises the source. Kukkissa, Our reporter from Sidama capital, Hawassa Source: Sidama National Regional State

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