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TPLF: The current Ethiopia’s political cancer! – by Muluken Gebeyew

WHAT is this Political cancer?

TPLF FlagTPLF (Tigray People Liberation Front) is a minority parasitic regime currently bleeding, wounding, imprisoning, selling, killing and terrorizing Ethiopians for the last 26 years. It is private company which controls Ethiopia under the pretext of party owned by an elite ultra Tigrayans and pro-Eritrean secession family members. It owns the Ethiopian economy, military, foreign affair, security and all the important sector of the society.

TPLF shield itself under Tigrayan people as if it’s legitimate representative. TPLF doesn’t represent the Tigray people which comprise 6% of Ethiopian population. The majority Tigrayans in Tigray live under fear and double oppression from TPLF.

WHAT causes it?

TPLF from its inception 1975 was based on the hate of Amharic speaking people which it blamed as the evil for all ills in Tigray. It was conceived in the womb of hate and jealousy which was delivered as powerful force that changed the course of Ethiopian history for nearly half century. The pioneers were young delusional students who dropped out from the University for variety of reasons. Their orchestra led by none other than Sebhat Nega, whose role was to facilitate Eritrean Separation from its mother Ethiopia.

On 14 September 1974 a group of seven university students (Fantahun (Gidey) Zeratsion, Alemseged (Hailu) Mengesha, Berihu (Aregawi) Berehe, Zeri’u (Agazi) Gessesse, Mulugeta (Asfaha) Hagos, Ambay (Seyoum) Mesfin and Amaha (Abay) Tsehaye) in Addis Ababa formed the Tigrayan National Organization (TNO).

On 8 February 1975, the TNO was transformed into the TPLF. The then newly formed front created the TPLF Manifesto in which it asserted its primary mission was to secede from the wider Ethiopian state, and create an independent Tigray state.

TPLF learnt the reality that by claiming Tigray, it cannot survive in an old settlement land with no proper resources which would remain dry farm lands; it had to acquire the bigger Ethiopia. It applied a new formula to be the new ruler of Ethiopia (which doesn’t include Eritrea) to rule as “Ethiopians” until it has enough resources (looted) that enables it to declare independent Tigray.

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The strategies it studied seriously and later implemented include Italian colonization and Stalin’s oppressive ruling means. It learnt that as minority to rule Ethiopia, the majority have to be weakened and divided. It’s targets were the Amharic speaking people, the Orthodox Christianity, the intellectuals which were the proponent of Ethiopian nationalism.

The rise of Legese Zenawi (aka Meles Zenawi) in power match with this new thinking and practical approach. He led successfully to get rid off his opponents in the TPLF and controlled the yolk of TPLF with Sebhat Nega’s support.

TPLF managed to form EPRDF (Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front) by adding prefixes using its Amharic and Oromoffia speaking departments; most of them were solders who surrounded during the war in Eritrea and remnants of old EPRP ( Ethiopian people revolutionary party) named EPDM (Ethiopian People Democratic Movement). It later added another department calling southern people (SEPDM). This enabled TPLF to rule Ethiopia under the cover name of EPRDF.

Although Meles Zenawi died in 2012 and affected TPLF to form a persona like him, it has continued its brutal regime by asserting his legacy.

IS TPLF Hereditary?

Yes: It passes through generation of elite ultra Tigrayan and pro-Eritrean secession family members. It doesn’t allow any non-Tigrayan Ethiopians to join as full member. An affiliate membership is possible for non Tigrayan Ethiopians as long as they are to serve as spy, servant and fully adherent and comply to TPLF policy by being member of OPDO, ANDM, SEPDM etc.

WHAT does TPLF look alike?

It is an ugly but fat party which promote disunity, division, hate and suspicion. It is an opportunistic and parasitic collection of family members. They are the current millionaires, military Generals, top diplomats, spy masters, propaganda chiefs, religious leaders, land lords, land owners, etc

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Whenever it is under threat, it uses the “genocide” propaganda, divisive policy against different ethnic and religious members by fermenting hate and inciting violence. TPLF uses brutal force using private military unit called Agazi.

Its political philosophy changed like chameleon over the last 40 years, as ethno- nationalist, pseudo Marxist, “revolutionary democrats”, “developmental state” in way that fits the time to rule Ethiopia as long as necessary. Its fundamental characteristic (ethnic policy, divide and rule, anti-democratic policy, anti-Ethiopian unity and anti-Amahra stand) haven’t changed since its inception.

WHAT are the symptoms of TPLF?

Hate, suspicion, division, disunity, false identity, fabricated history, disinformation, terrorising people through fake laws, guns before table. etc…

It is well known of its regular action of kill, torture, imprison, loot, destabilise large sector of Ethiopian society which oppose its political course principally the Amahra and Oromo people using its Agazi robotic army, militias and “carrot” eaters (non Tigryans spies, servants and supporters).

It created a delusional federal system in Ethiopia with puppets figure heads while its operatives rule under iron fist. It continued its divide and rule policy by fermenting and waging violence among different ethnicities, nationalities and religious members. Its inflammatory polices have made Ethiopians displaced, homeless, dispossessed, unemployed and to flee from their country

It uses The famous “five to one” controlling system to paralyse the public for years. It has established a structure that facilitate its minority regime while majority are left divided, disunited and paranoid of each other.

HOW is TPLF diagnosed?

You don’t need to be a doctor to diagnose the TPLF cancer; any Ethiopian affected by it and any observer of the last 25 years of Ethiopian politics can easily spot it by examining the,

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History: studying the purpose, the way how it was established and ruled Ethiopians for the last 25 years and noticing the above symptoms .
Physical examination: the prison camps, underground concentration camp, military camps, spy structure, militia. Observing the current etc millionaires, Generals, land owners, land lords, top diplomats, etc
Investigation: evidences from prisoners, members of family of those murdered, tortured, exiled Ethiopians etc
CAN Ethiopia be cured from the TPLF cancer?

Yes: but it needs hard work, unity and solidarity among Ethiopians.

HOW is TPLF cancer treated?

Conservative Treatment: public protest, civil disobedience, economic boycott, isolating its members, lobbying on the powerful nations, uprising against the regime in united, determined and persistence way.
The Draw back this treatment: time taking, needs persistence, determination, unity, etc ,

Radical treatment: military intervention; this may involve targeted intervention on top TPLF members, its financial sources, Guerrilla warfare on its army and security structure and conventional war.
The Draw back of this treatment: loss of human life, property, expensive cost, controversial, possibility of another dictator emerging etc

Self care Ethiopians have to make: avoid to be part of TPLF and its affiliate political parties; standing firm against its propagandists and “carrot”; participate in the anti TPLF struggle in any means and teaching the youth the true history, supporting anti TPLF Ethiopian movements etc.

WHAT will happen if this TPLF cancer left untreated?

The prognosis is bad, it can lead to further oppression, division, imprisonment, torture, mass killing, ethnic cleansing, genocide and potential fragmentation of Ethiopia.

FURTHER information

– Further information are available on all opposition political parties website, media sites, and writers like Professor Almariam and others.

– TPLF and its propaganda outlets/

– The history of revolutions that rooted despots.


  1. I see it as someone who is crying for power to oppress more and takes even the right that TPLF has give some of the most marginalized nations and nationalies. Amhare are just jealous to tigray and that is the only reason they are barking like dog. They are just angry to Tigray People for giving a very fandamental right for the marginalizing people.

    My question is. How Amhara stand for Ethiopian people why they are angry about the basic right they have?

  2. Thank you Mr. Gebeyew
    We were long awaited to call a spade a Spade

  3. Yes TPLF is a CANCER – a part of the body that grows uncontrolabley and finally it kills the person and itself too. So TPLF is self destructive. The ONLY way to get rid of this CANCER (TPLF) is remove it from the body (Ethiopia) by FORCE. There is no other method. There is no value in TPLF be it ideologically, socially or anything else. TPLF is full of uneducated, unprofessional soldiers whose main purpose in life is killing people, feast on innocent blood and ultimately die very much like EBOLA. In doing so they hurt the very people that used to represent (Tigreans). This cancer is now decomposing, let us cut it off and build cohesive, progressive and dynamic Ethiopia. God help us.

  4. The key to the future existence of Ethiopia as a nation depends on the response of the Amahara opposition politicians at home and abroad.

    Tired of reading mostly confusing and negative comments and propoganda about Ethiopian politics, I jumped on the band wagon to address the critical issue of ethnic politics and Ethiopian patriotism.
    As an Ethiopian-born person, I still see that most Ethiopian-born elites who live in Western countries have a diehard snobish mentality. If they realy embrace the Western democratic values, they would promote more regional political freedom and equality. Listen, we live in 21st century. Every body is free. No race, language, or culture is more important or superior to others. Very simple, isnt it? If so stop being scared and start with a new political vision that builds trust, peace, and unity among free Ethiopian nationalties.
    EPRDF did not create ethnic politics. It existed as long as Ethiopia existed. Tigreans are patriotic and civilised as Amharas are. They do not want an Amhara dominated system in any form or manifestation. Amharas be ready to work with Tigreans, to live in peace and equalty with other Ethiopians. Therefore,the future of Ethiopia’s unity depends on the response of the Amhara opposition politicians at home and abroad.

    Politics require compromise on issues. No political party on earth is supposed to think of itself as a provider of perfect soutions for all political and economic problems of its supporters. Therefore, I do not see any difference between EPRDF mentality and those opposing EPRDF.

    Those who are truely interested in engaging in politics and want to make positive contribution should think of compromises.

  5. All other Ethiopians and (if any) innocent Tegrians should rise in unison against TPLF (members and its Tegrian affiliates).

    All other Ethiopians should alienate any TPLF and any other Tigre (unless proven innocent).

    The looting, lying, killing, dehumanizing and (culture/history) demolishing projects of TPLF should be stopped by burying TPLF and its agents/affiliates.

    Down to TPLF and its agents/affiliates!

  6. To Kabalqabad.
    You are a woyanne robot hired to write. How primitive you are. There has never been one tribe oppressing another on tribe in Ethiopian history till the CANCER Woyanne came started the processes of looting, festing on human blood and total lawlessness. Please examine you brain before you post or else if you have dementia get examined

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