TPLF Terorrist forces say they will ‘hunt down’ foreign mercenaries

NAIROBI, Nov 12 (Reuters) – Rebellious Tigrayan forces threatened on Friday to “hunt down” foreigners they said were supporting the Ethiopian government as mercenaries and technical experts in a year-long war.

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) spokesperson Getatchew Reda said the foreigners could be from Turkey, China, Israel or the United Arab Emirates, without offering evidence or going into any more details.

Government spokesperson Legesse Tulu did not immediately respond to a request for comment. There have been no independently verified reports of the warring sides using mercenaries to date.

Getachew told Reuters via satellite phone: ““We don’t care (what their nationality is). We will hunt them down. They will be treated like the mercenaries they are.”

The war, which has killed thousands and forced more than two million people from their homes, escalated this month after rebellious forces from the northern region of Tigray and their allies made territorial gains and threatened to march on the capital.

Reporting by Maggie Fick; Editing by Alison Williams and Andrew Heavens
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  1. This man is not a spoken man for the TPLF. He is a liability for the twisted front. Every time he opens his mouth he utters confusion and dismay. He should watch the movie the hunter becoming the hunted. Then he will know the reality of hunting. Those countries he mentioned to hunt down, will make him evaporate from this world without him knowing anything about it. However, this is TPLF they are drunk with their fabricated glory. They think they are better than everyone. How pathetic is that? With this open threat TPLF is issuing, makes them a global terror organization? For all practical purposes they were terrorists since their inception. Maybe now the world will open their eyes and see the true color of the TPLF, which is a group comprised of mafia like minded with sadistic activities against anything that moves. I believe their time is almost up. The goal of reaching the capital of Ethiopia Addis Ababa, and declaring themselves once again at the sit of government is a day dream. Gallant Ethiopians from the four corners of the country are fighting their advances and beating them back. What Getachew is saying is madness. And the world should take note of this threat.

  2. Well done TPLF you did it yourself. You just advertised the whole world about TPLF terrorist mission. Typical terrorist organization act of throwing threats to kill any innocent international people that did not want to help TPLF.

    Now the desperate looser TPLF terrorist leader spokesman, Getachew Reda has openly and fully taken responsibility for any death, attack or any kind of criminal act that the TPLF groups are sent to do on foreign nationals

  3. This is an intentional act to divert the mind and serious stand of those countries on condemning TPLF rebellions and wrong US foreign policy. So a spade a spade, no more talk with them, TPLF has no power and ability to hunt down foreign mercenaries as their dream is no more realistic.

  4. ወይዘሮ Bezawit፣
    ወያነን የማውገዝ መብትሽ እንደተጠበቀ ሆኖ፣ ግን ከኣመት በላይ በባእዳን ድሮን ስንበርስ ምነው ድምፅሽ ጠፍቶ ከረማና ኣሁን ለባእዳን ድሮን ኣቀባዮች ሃዜኔታን ለማሰማት መግተርተርሽ ምን ይሉታል ?

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