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TPLF Inculcates Children, Youth of Tigray with Bloodshed

TPLF has worked tirelessly for many years to inculcate children and youth of Tigray with bloodshed, hatred, belligerence in a song that has been beaten war drum for many years.

TPLF using child soldiers
Evidences that depict the deployment of children in war by the terrorist TPLF are being revealed

TPLF has also a song that instills the youth of Tigray with a sense of extreme warmongering behavior. In the verses, the terrorist group promotes bloodshed, hatred, belligerence, and arrogance.

Even in the song, there are horrifying verses of hate—preaching Tigrayans to break their bones for their perceived enemies.

In particular, the TPLF has worked tirelessly for many years to inculcate the children and youth of Tigray by repeatedly singing these self-defeating verses.

The song contains verses that make children feel that they are surrounded by enemies and beasts so that they do not have a place for hope, peace, development, solidarity, and Ethiopian pride.

The children of Tigray are being made to memorize these verses starting from lower grade sowing hatred and hopelessness in their minds.

However, the leaders of the terrorist group are taking care of their own children and families with luxurious life in foreign countries.

The leaders of TPLF have traveled long distances for the last half a century to spread hatred among generations to maintain their power with the blood of the children of Tigray.

Children in Schools don’t sing about development in Tigray or the importance of living in harmony with other people in Ethiopia, instead the children in Tigray Schools are always forced to sing song that promotes bloodshed with a view to satisfying the leaders’ lust for power.

The song preaches the youth to sacrifice their lives as they would be victorious at the end. This is mainly aimed at inciting youths to commit even genocide and create immoral interaction between societies.

Freweini Gebretsadiq, a young woman from Tigray, said that the terrorist group has worked to promote this narrative of hatred and war starting from lower grades.

TPLF always expresses its arrogance stating that “there is no earthly force that can defeat us.”  This arrogant nature emanates from the immense lust for power and revenge.

The leaders of TPLF, who consider themselves as the only protector of Tigray, have punished the people of Tigray with war and hunger through their conceit and fake propaganda.

Head of Public Relations of Tigray Democratic Party, Mulubirhan Haile said that the youth of Tigray have built a fence with the backward and negative verses of the song not to think about Ethiopianism, peace and development.

The TPLF group has publicly been talking about its efforts to maintain power with the blood of innocent people by disseminating messages through these cruel verses.

Mulubirhan Haile said the terrorist TPLF can’t extend its life without conflict and war. It is still forcing children to go to war under the slogan “The People is Our Power”.

As much as Tigray has a significant place in the history of the Ethiopia, the arrogance verses of TPLF’s song have not attained their goals as they have instead isolated Tigray from the rest of the country and expediting its failure.

The lawyer Kia Tsagaye explained that the ideas engulfed in the verses of TPLF’s song preach conflict, hatred and social instability.

It is true that the leaders of the TPLF do not care about the people of the country, but to live their lives in luxury. In order to make this dream come true, they started working from the time of struggle. Right now they are able to instill these evil ideas in the minds of the children of Tigray.

The children who were forced into war by the terrorist group testify that the group has no compassion for children

Millions of Ethiopians who are brothers and sisters of the people of Tigray are labeled as “fascists” by the terrorist TPLF and the group has been training children to grow up with the idea of such ​​enmities.

All this is a wall of hatred that has lasted for half a century. The aim is to stay in power with the blood of the people of Tigray.

Therefore, the people of Tigray must fight against this cruel group together with other Ethiopians, Mulubirhan Haile said.

Source ENA

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