TPLF Fires Justice Minister Brehan Hailu

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Justice Minister Brehan Hailu has been fired from his job on Friday, May 10, 2013, reliable sources disclosed to Fortune. Brehan has received a letter from the Prime Minister’s Office, signed by Hailemariam Desalegn, late on Friday, according to these sources. Brehan has been serving in this capacity since 2005. He was moved to Justice after his previous ministry, Ministry of Information, was dissolved by law.

However, the decision to remove the Minister from Office has come as little surprise in the government circle. He has lost his position in the powerful executive committee of the ruling EPRDF, when elections were held back in March 2013. He was under fire during a convention of his party, the Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM), held in Bahir Dar in March, held as a prelude to the EPRDF congress, which was held in the same city.
Seconded by a member to the central committee seat in the ANDM, Brehan was harshly criticized by the bigwigs of the party for his failure and incompetence while serving at the Justice Ministry.



  1. Now this guy will understand what injustice means. He has been passing jail sentences on 100s of innocent people from his high office acting as instrument of Tigre people liberation front. It is his turn now!

  2. In the first place Berhan is not cable of doing his post even for etv too, he was hand picked by Bereket. They know each other when he was working in Baihr Dar. Berhan and Tabour(speaker of Addis Abeba City Council)they helped Bereket to stay in central committee of ANDM. Some of the ANDM members argued to purge him. Finally they saved him to stay in c.c. member. For their favor Bereket brought these two guys to Addis (ETV)It is a long story.Berhan considers himself that he and his party members are only the first citizens.i worked with him, know him very well. He is shrewd guy I ever know.
    he is ass hole. It is better to take him to jail. He deserves that.

  3. haha , tactical removal of amhara and oromo first junadin sado now birhan hailu who is next shefraw jarso

  4. Who cares about this denkoro hodam kehadi. He has served and now his master TPLF has to throw him to garbage can.

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