TPLF Exposed Again by Ayalew Mengesha | TOP SECRET

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TPLF Exposed Again by Ayalew Mengesha | TOP SECRET

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  1. The things mentioned are done by TPLF and not Tigrean people . When Neftegna (Amhara ) back then, were all Amhara involved or were they beneficiaries? The same the current Neftegnas (TPLF leaders ) don’t represent the Tigrean people . TPLF wants us to believe that they represent Tigreans . This way the people will be targeted by other Ethiopians and they don’t have anywhere to go and they will be stack with TPLF . That way TPLF leaders will stay in power by taking hostage the people of Tigray . It should have been politics 101 to isolate TPLF from Tigreans and defeat it , but almost everyone is doing and saying what TPLF is saying . This way change is far away .

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