TPLF Declares War on the Ethiopian Orthodox Church – By B. Aklilu

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May 5 2017 By B. Aklilu

The Tigray Peoples Liberation Front is a party that was created in the 1970’s and is the power house of the ruling coalition EPRDF that has been in power since the overthrow of the Derg almost 26 years ago. Since its inception the TPLF’s ideology has been anti- Ethiopian and anti-orthodox which are the two main fabrics that is holding the country together. The TPLF’s hate emanates from the belief that the Tigray people as a minority have been subjugated and discriminated against by the Amhara people who had been ruling the country in the previous centuries. While the TPLF does not give concrete evidence of any documented history that Amhara have subjugating the Tigray people specifically for their race. In fact we see time and time again that the two races cooperated in many instances historically with trade and fighting off common enemies. These unsubstantiated claims are perhaps propaganda that is used by the TPLF to gain power and to gain the support of the Tigray people.

The TPLF since its inception has desired complete control of the country and its resources and has determined that the Ethiopian Orthodox church and the Muslim community would be a threat to their ruling of the country and has been planning the infiltration and complete destruction of these prominent establishments that are the very fabric of Ethiopianism. To accomplish this aim, the TPLF members Meles Zenawi, Sibhat Nega and others set their eyes on the biggest Orthodox monastery in Et

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hiopia: the Waldeba Monastery.

The Waldeba monastery was organized in the 14th century by St Abune Samuel of Waldeba although sources point the monastery goes back as far as 4th century B.C. Ever since then, the monastery has gone through many ups and down. While Atse Zerayakob of 15th Century made laws to protect the monastery, the attack of Gragn Mohammed had severely damaged the monastery. The Waldeba monastery proving resilient has managed to revive and has flourished to be one of the biggest monasteries. People from all over the country come to this place leaving all the worldly things behind to come closer to God by becoming a monk. These monks are the most precious assets to the country and are highly regarded of by the Ethiopian Orthodox church followers as it is believed that their prayer is what is holding the country together.
According to an article by Gebremedhin Araya(who was a former TPLF fighter), the TPLF had set an elaborate plan to strategically and systematically weaken and ultimately destroy the monastery in the beginning of the party’s formation. Accordingly, in 1973 E.C. the notorious TPLF had a secret meeting to recruit and train deacons from the Tigray region who will be sent as spies to the monastery. From a group of recruits, a Berhe Mebratu was selected for the mission and given strict instruction to stay undercover and do reconnaissance operation in the monastery. Berhe Mebratu was given clear objectives to:
-Find and identify the monasteries resources
-Identify and document key leaders of the monastery and study their roles
-identify and study inventory of ancient books and artifacts of the monastery
Armed with these objectives, Gebremedhin Araya mentioned that the spy went into the monastery disguised as a monk with a hidden agenda and lived like a real monk going out of the monastery only once a year to pass on the information that was collected to high TPLF officials. The operation which lasted for 8 years gathered key information which allowed the TPLF officials to conduct targeted killings of monks in leadership position, nationalizing the monastery resources under pretext of development and theft of the monasteries books and financial instruments including gold. The government has also displaced the resting place of many monks and saints without seeking permission from the monastery or engaging the Orthodox Christian followers. These actions were a debilitating blow to the overall Orthodox Christian community and have forced many to voice their concerns. But the governments instead of negotiating and searching for solutions has continued to propagate its propaganda on the only state owned TV station emphasising the benefits of government actions but never addressing the real issues.
The government’s actions put itself in a path of direct collision with the people of Ethiopia. Officials should be held accountable for not upholding the constitution and going against the right of citizens to practice their religion of choice without the state trying to manipulate or control it in any way. But this cannot happen if followers are silent and do nothing. Followers should make their voice heard in a peaceful manner and call for the government to address the issue and start a dialogue to resolve this very sensitive and delicate issue. But to start all this, responsible officials like Sibhat Nega, the late Meles Zenawi, Seyoum Mesfin, Berhe Mebratu and all other responsible should be brought to justice. And this is a good place to start but the healing process will take a long time.

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  1. Amhara did not oppress Tigreans. Ahmara elites did. We must agree on that. Amhara elite rulers of 100 years were never elected by Amhara people and did not represent Amharas in general. Whatever was done by ruling elites. The Amhara themselves were oppressed and left to live rustic lives like everybody in Ethiopia. The people who perished by mass famine in Wollo were not Tigreans or Tegarus. They were Amhara. I do not agree on denying such oppression, decimation did not happen.

    In the same vein, TPLF is not Tigrai or Tegaru. It is elected by the people. TPLF fought the people of Tigrai for 17 years and they manipulated the ordinary people by different techniques and controlled them by force as they did to the rest of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

    On top of that they are communist. They do not believe in God. Debretsion Gebremichael said in public in Mekele he does not there is God. Reason: he is a communist and it is not only him, but the whole TPLF is communist and core members are brain-washed to suck such beliefs. I assure you 100% they do not represent the people of Tigrai because no elected them.

    On top of that, they are after money only. They do not care about the people, culture, history, future of the people in Ethiopia including Tigrai. Most of them live in addis ababa running lucrative business and having skyscrapers. They never even visit Tigrai. The Tigrai region is abandoned with poor condemned to live in never ending war zone. The country is landlocked by force and gun. This landlocking has destroyed Tigrai than any region in Ethiopia. The people are denied mobility, trade, commerce, any meaningful economic activity in the region. There is no investment at all. If you have read an article written by Dawit or his interview, Tigrai = Eritrea. The situation in Tigrai is the same as in Eritrea. The only difference is Tigrai is old Albania and it is Bermuda Tigrai of the world. You can hear at least on media about Eritrea and North Korea, but you can not hear anything in Tigrai. There is free press, no opposition, no freedom. The people in Tigrai are more oppressed today than derg time. During derg time there was elite in Tigrai and all people were the same. Today in Tigrai a new class of elites like the old Amhara elites who destroyed Ethiopia and created for us TPLF .

    In short the TPLF is against everyone. It is against the people of Tigrai, and against the people of Ethiopian in general. It is against our culture, against hour history and against our territorial integrity and against our natural God given right.

    Please do not write false thing for political consumption. TPLF is against Muslims or Islam. TPLF did not touch mosques. No time in History in Ethiopia ever Muslims had taken over Ethiopia than today. No mosque has ever been built in Ethiopia than today. Every year hundreds of thousands of mosques are being built across Ethiopia today as we speak. Churches are burnt by Woyane and by Muslims across Ethoipia. I do not understand why you are lumping our church with Islam.

    We do not need to attach or need sympathy from a religion that targets our people and our country. I suggest you keep away your Islamic politics from our church.

    TPLF must have been removed long ago. But it is the Amhara chauvinists in the diaspora who are giving more time to TPLF by targeting, attacking, killing Tigreans by thinking they are targetting Woyanes. They are pushing the people to support TPLF. The big problem is the Amhara chauvinists who believe they can defeat woyane by killing Tegarus. They are the ones who are making contribution for TPLF to stay on power like Gadaffi.

    The people of Tigrai must be freed from TPLF. But the someone has to educate the barbaric and blind Amhara chauvinits who supporting TPLF by their ignorance by targeting innocent people for apparent reason except inspired by their hatred to TPLF.

    The people of Tigrai are living in war zone for 44 years now. While the rest of Ethiopia enjoys relative peace short of democracy, the people of Tigrai are being held hostage in waterless Mekelle and denied mobility, movement, trade, commerce. They are landlocked by gun which is their God given right to use their natural port by their right violated by TPLF. They are living in constant war with apparent meaningful development. They got nothing except losing their children to the vampire Sibhat Nega. Take note, Sibhat Nega lost no sister or brother but he consumed Tigrean youth fire in his twisted so armed struggle.

    You can not talk with TPLF. You can never talk with communists. You have to dismantled their barbaric, rustic, primitive and communist system. The problem now is the Amhara chauvinists who have the ability to work with people because they think their way is the only way and they talk about unity, but they never mean it.

    Armed struggle is not necessary because it is a primitive method, rustic, bloody and take long time and takes innocent lives of generation as it did in Tigrai and Eritrea.

    I do not believe you can talk with TPLF. We have to dismantle TPLF like derg and throw it into a dustbin because it is rubbish. The people of Tigrai did not die to live in war zone and never did they wanted to be deported to Sudan in thousands for the sake of the cursed TPLF.They did not die to create aparthied in addis ababa city. TPLF must be dismantled. But we need to dismantled the Amhara chauvinist who have become obstacle. You can not defeat your enemies by blind hatred. 25 years ago I tried to form a movement and I managed to unity Oromo,Gurage, Eritreans, … but chauvinists from Amhara ethnic became obstacle and they aborted the movement. By now, we could achieved something. They are doing the same today, chasing people , intimidating, insulting, harassing based on ethnic while wave the Ethiopian flag meaninglessly. We do not need to talk to TPLF.We must command or remove TPLF. Today this we need unity based on reason, philosophy, doctrine, … not based no tribal alliance.

  2. It is not elected by the people. I mean TPLF is not elected by the people in Tigrai. It controlled Tigrai by gun and as it did the rest of Ethiopia. It is ruling Tigrai by gun as it is doing the rest of Ethiopia.

  3. TPLF Declares War on the Ethiopian Orthodox Church because ex-President of USA Lyndon Johnson waged war on poverty in the early 1960’s..
    Ethiopian Orthodox church is becoming a joke for many . Many Eritreans posing as Tigrayans along with foolish Tigrayans in the diaspora are creating so called “Ethiopian orthodox church” everywhere as a kiosk in the diaspora. Many of this ex-Woyane/ex-Shabiya infested gatherings rent auditoriums from other ferfenj churches once a week just to raise money by a sack full each week only to use that money to destroy the true pure Ethiopian orthodox religion replacing it with their fraudulent sect that is claiming to be Ethiopian Orthodox Church follower but in action it is nothing like the Ethiopian Orthodox church.

    Those that hold to their true Ethiopian Orthodox traditions are getting bombarded with invitations to try these new kiosk type pop up churches for convenience of less travel distance and so on but when the invitees go there they find out it is a scam to get into their pocket ,sadly many young children go to those places thinking they are following their ancestors Orthodox tradition.To lure other Ethiopians , these kiosks type fraud scammers pop up churches claim that many prominent Ethiopians are regular attendees of their churches even if the individuals never set foot in their kiosk type pop up churches.

  4. B. Aklilu

    It’s important that you raised the TPLF attack on Waldiba Monastery. I have always wondered how the orthodox religion followers allowed the TPLF to go this far. It is not like them to be so patient when it comes to their faith, which they always held highly sacred. They used to pay any price, bear any burden in order to reassure the survival of their faith and uphold the values of their religion .

    I believe the damage is already done, but there is still time and energy to save what is left of. The people of Ethiopia have begun to show their dissatisfaction in various ways. The recent popular uprising is one manifestation; the armed straggle going on in Gonder another. These movements have inflicted a heavy blow that has cracked the regime short of down fall. Had the TPLF not organized a solely Tigrean army and security that stepped in, TPLF would have certainly been buried and Ethiopia would have had a new government today. It’s because of this All-Tigre-Army that the regime got extra live. With this Ethnically organized army, TPLF could have more lives to breath with. To tackle this predicament the fighting tactic of the people must be restructured accordingly.

    The most important issue people have to consider is the need to unite forces against the regime. All forces have to put behind their differences for the time being and concentrate on the removal of the TPLF. There has to be no time or energy to be wasted arguing on politics, history or the like, for the regime is so ruthless that could go as far as disintegrating Ethiopia in too many fighting nationalities, like Oromos against Amharas, Somalis against Oromos etc.
    It’s also practically unnecessary to make an issue of difference on who is supporting who. For instance Shaibia’s support to any fighting group should not be a case for conflict. As a matter of fact no popular force ever won a war against an oppressive regime without an outside power. Even then it could take years to achieve a goal. It took over 30 years for Shaibia, and 17 years for the TPLF; with all the foreign support they had. Ethiopia cannot afford so much time with such vicious regime like the TPLF, a regime that is doing all it can to depopulated the Amhara and the Oromo people. In 30 years the Oromo and Amhara population will fall to half the present number, while the Tigres will triple up making the them among the most populous, the most the richest, the most educated, the most armed, the most dominant in the country.

    By that time, the children of the other nationalities will be salves of Tigreans. We observe this imbalance of wealth, and opportunities even today.
    Are you willing to accept this? Or would you rise united against the enemy!

    • I do not agree with you. In order to succeed, we must not have people like you. We must have people who rely on our Ethiopian people. Our ancestors did not seek foreign sponsorship to defend themselves.We need all all Ethiopian minus people like you who stick themselves with enemies. You go and lick Shabia boot. We will rely on our people and on our resources. On top of that, you are not free yourself, you are ethnicist as I can read between the lines your hate to Tegarus. People like you who focus on ethnics are obstacle.

    • Aklilu, the evil Shabia troll trying to fish from ethnic difference in Ethiopia. We know who you are, do no think you are hiding. You are Tesfay Gebreab, aka, hater.

      • I am not writing this to create differences between different ethnicity. And yes I am not free. Unless my country is free I will never be free. But I am not ignorant. I above all want the unity for Ethiopians. I am Ethiopian first and Amhara second. Not a whole lot of people can sat that about themselves. Above all I cannot stay silent when some political machine comes in and want to rule my country on religious and ethnic divides. I am not also saying that the Amhara people have subjugated and oppressed the Tigray people. In fact I wrote to the contrary. I cannot stay silent when TPLF members Destroy my religion and try to manipulate it. Their cadres are infesting the churches and the saddest thing is most people no believe in these cadre priests who report to woyane making the christian believers under control of the TPLF leaders. It is very troubling.

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