TPLF Boss Abay Tsehaye fires more than 300 from Wonji Sugar

( Abay Tsehaye, one of the founders of the terrorist group Tigre People’s Liberation Front, has ordered the firing of more than 300 workers from Wonji Sugar, Ethiopia’s oldest Sugar factory. The employees were fired for no apparent reason and were told to hand over their company provided houses within two months. Many of the workers now face homelessness and hunger. In a country that has the highest inflation rate in the world, life is already unbearable for millions of Ethiopians. And in this economic crisis, the TPLF regime continues to purge employees that do not subscribe to its ideology of one party rule.

In TPLF’s Ethiopia, job security is tightly linked to one’s political allegiance or ethnic identity. The TPLF regime conducts what it calls gimgema annually and purges people it considers are not loyal supporters of the TPLF dictatorship in Ethiopia.

Abay Tsehaye is head of Ethiopian Sugar Corporation and a trusted advisor of Ethiopia’s dictator Meles Zenawi.

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