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TPLF Beating War Drum While Gov’t Pursues Peace: Gov’t Communication Service

Although the Government of Ethiopia has opted for peaceful options to solve conflicts in the northern parts of the country, the terrorist group TPLF is making preparations for another devastating war, according to Government Communication Service.

Briefing journalists today, Government Communication Service State Minister Kebede Desisa said the government is committed to solving conflicts, particularly the conflict in the northern part of the country, peacefully.

However, the terrorist TPLF has been making preparations for another devastating war, preferring war to peaceful options.

He pointed out that the terrorist group has been beating war drum by recruiting civilians to make them cannon fodder.

According to the state minister, the Government of Ethiopia has established a committee to solve the conflict peacefully and it has started work to facilitate peace talks.

Moreover, the government recently signed an agreement with the United Nations Office for Project Services to implement rehabilitation projects in Tigray region, he pointed out.

Some 300 million USD project agreement was signed with World Bank to rehabilitate the conflict affected regions of Amhara, Tigray, Afar and part of Oromia.

Kebede also revealed that the government is taking strong action against terrorist Shene and other illegal forces in the country to ensure law and order in the country.

The terrorist Shene group has massacred and displaced scores of innocent civilians in Oromia region over the last three to four years — the killings of innocent civilians in Tole Kebele of West Wolega Zone is among the recent cases.

Following the atrocities committed by the terrorist Shene, regional and federal security forces have been taking strong action and providing humanitarian assistance to the survivors, he noted.

The government will continue to crack down on terrorist groups and illegal forces across the country, Kebede underscored.

The state minister further called upon the people to continue their collaboration and stand alongside with the law enforcement operation of security forces to ensure law and order in the country.


4 thoughts on “TPLF Beating War Drum While Gov’t Pursues Peace: Gov’t Communication Service”

  1. It will be clear sooner than later that any peace talk with the TPLF is a wishful thinking. At the same time it must be understood that any negotiation with the TPLF should also involve the other actors in Tigray. Tigray is not as homogeneous and included as the TPLF (Adwa, Shire and Axum elites) portray.

  2. This piece of propaganda is so identical to what used to be issued by the Derg and TPLF, it is so sickening. 50 years of lies and dissimulation! What a sorry people we are! Not an iota of truth anywhere in this declaration. Everybody knows that the TPLF is engaged in war (not just preparing) and so is the government. Maybe not against each other but both are engaged in a war against the Ethiopian people. The destruction, death and terror that each sponsor has never missed a beat. To expect a true statement from a media establishment created by the TPLF is like expecting donkey to grow horns, as Ethiopians are fond of saying.

  3. Subject: “TPLF Beating War Drum While Gov’t Pursues Peace: Gov’t Communication Service”
    JULY 14, 2022NEWS

    Humble Opinion
    As a simple human being, it is hoped that the people of Tigray — where ever they may be around the Globe — consider the consequences of the implementation of INDIVIDUAL PERSONAL AMBITION. Why should the entire POPULATION of TIGRAY [nine (9) million] wherever they may reside, SACRIFICE theirs and their dear relatives’ PRECIOUS LIVES for a cause of INDIVIDUAL agenda?!?!?!? WHY? WHY? WHY? FOR HEAVENS” SAKE.

  4. Hi!

    1). What triggered the War? TPLF’s sudden cold-blooded massacre of ENDF’s Northern Command [NC] soldiers [while they were asleep]. Are the TPLF leaders who staged that massacre willing to surrender peacefully to stand trial in Ethiopia for mass murder? No!!!

    2). What was TPLF’s motive for the massacre? (i). destroy the best-equipped army; (ii). arm TPLF & make TPLF ferocious; (iii). assist proxies to further weaken Ethiopia; (iv). paralyze Ethiopia from fighting back & leave Ethiopia vulnerable [to enemies near-and-far]; (v). form Tigray Republic and serve Egypt & the White Supremacist West [WSW].

    3). What does Ethiopia get from negotiation with TPLF? Will TPLF reimburse what it stole from the federal government and the 5.3 billion Birr [4 bil. old & 1.3 bil. new] taken from two planes at Mekelle Airport? Will it reimburse the millions it looted from CBE in Tigray, Amhara, and Afar? Will it pay for the destruction it caused in Amhara & Afar?

    4). What is in Ethiopia’s best interest? (i). pleasing the WSW is impossible since it wants TPLF back; (ii). fast-track food security; (iii). mobile hit-and-run urban-rural-marine guerrilla commando units; (iv). Ethiopia-wide Neighborhood Watch Scouts; (v). Highway Patrol units with surveillance drones, radioes, walkie-talkies, etc.

    5). What should Ethiopia do? Prepare for the worst scenario [WSW’s ground invasion, WSW’s diplomatic & economic warfare (total embargo), all out proxy war]! Both Egypt & its WSW masters won’t blink till Egypt wins. So, can Ethiopia get even? Yes, the Red Sea serves both and links the Suez Canal with the Bab el-Mandeb Strait [Gulf of Aden]!

    i_Mognu / don_Q

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