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TPLF admits holding Andargachew Tsege

Justine Greening

Addis Voice) The TPLF regime has admitted that it is holding Secretary General of Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy. According to the Ethiopian Satellite TV and Radio, Hailemariam Desalegn confirmed to visiting UK Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening, that Andargachew Tsege is in custody. It was also reported that Andargachew, who holds British citizenship, has been brutally tortured by TPLF security agents in Addis Ababa.

Second in command of Ginbot 7, Andargachew was kidnapped at Sana’a International Airport on June 23 by the Yemeni security services while he was in transit to another destination. Ethiopians across the world are venting their anger over the illegal kidnapping and handing over operation. Yemeni Embassies in major cities across the world have been targeted by protesters.

Meanwhile, Britain has sent a delegation to Ethiopia to hold talks with officials over the illegal kidnapping of its citizens. Human rights organizations are demanding protection to Andargachew, who has already been sentenced to death in absentia.

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Source: Addisvoice


  1. Reliable sources within the TPLF shared the following information with me:
    1.Andargachew was handed over to seven TPLF agents after the payment of One million US dollar to the Yemeni Security forces within 72 hrs and transported to Ethiopia using a military aircraft.
    2.Prior to his abduction his where about and flight was tracked by on the ground TPLF agents (from Taxi drivers in the UK and Dubai, Airport language handlers (UK and Dubai to all the way to Aden airport). This was transmitted to TPLF field agents within Yemen. Apparently the Yemeni President was not consulted on the matter. He heard it from President Afewerki of Eritrea after Mr. Tsige was handed over to the TPLF agents.
    3.The TPLF agents have severely beaten Mr. Tsige and he has no movement of his body below his waist. He then was attended by a TPLF part medical doctor who told the torturers to stop the beating for fear of his death. The agents have gotten access to his mobile phone, laptop, language and notebooks.
    4.Using the information they gleaned they are now rounding up anyone who is remotely connected to Ginbot -7 in any form or shape. Even (ayzoachu) comment sent via email.
    5.False and honey trap communications are sent to all contacts that was mined out from the gadgets and notebooks found on Mr. Tsige items.
    6.There is true division within the TPLF due to his abduction fearing the reprisals that may come inside and outside Ethiopians as well as international donors. For example, the PM of Ethiopia was never informed about the operation. He learned the situation from International media. When he asked the TPLF spy master he was told the news is true. Then the PM was very agitated and angry about the whole operation.
    7.Finally, the TPLF leadership is in deep divide by the action taken to pay and abduct the Secretary of Ginbot – 7 Andargachew. My source also told me, no one seems to know who is in charge of the country. Everyone does what he or she likes as long as they belong to the TPLF. It is truly, a country without a leader.
    More to come…. Stay tuned.

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