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TOP Secret: Azeb Mesfin & Sebhat Nega Exposed

TOP Secret: Azeb Mesfin & Sebhat Nega Exposed | Ayalew Mengesha Speaks Out

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  1. Dear zebesha,
    This is another Campaign against Tigreans. There is nothing new brothers here. You are all hell bent to insult Tegarus. Everything is against Tegarus. We will never kneel down to this barbarism and racism.
    I wanted to say the followings:
    1. This is 100% against the entire Tegarus as usual, no ethic or professionalism in it.
    2. The man whom you are interviewing is full of hate of Tegarus. He said Tigreans are racist by their nature? really really? is it Tigreans who denied Amhara their culture or language? is it Tigreans who used to force other Ethiopians to have amharic name? is it Tigreans who called Oromos Gala? is it Tigreans who called every dark skin person Baria? is Tigreans who called Gurages Kuli? Come on guys, You have no any vision. Your vision is always targeting Tigreans? Well, if you arrested for being corrupt you claim you are being attacked? All you wanted is only Tigreans to arested? haha, Everyone knows you now your moralless, haters. No one expects good from you. If Tigreans are the problem? you were ruling 100 years in a row? why you made Ethiopia a poor country and mass starved the entire country? Okay let us you mass starved Tegarus to kill them? what about the 2 million Wolloyes. I hate to generalize, but Amhara elites cancer of Ethiopia. You are a oroblem. All you have is only big mouth, liars haters.

  2. If you tell me you did not know racism and it is Tigreans who thought you racism? Tigreans are never racists. Even TPLF you created it. Your racist, barbaric, aparthied system of 100 years created TPLF, OLF, ONLF, OLF, EDU, … You may tell me OLF, ONLF, EPLF,EPRP, … were created by Tigreans? You people do not even have few mature people. This man is immature, emotional,haters.

    If you have evidence the guys whom you are accusing post the evidence. We are not going to suck up your hatred. Provide evidence. We are tired of lies. Support your claim with evidences. Stop worie or Weregnea, kedada. You will never defeat your enemies by this barbaric, narrow attitude. You have no better alternative except bitter deep hatred and big mouthed. You think we have to submit to you because we are Tigreans. You sound to be you licensed to insult people by race. If you corrupt officials from your ethnics must not be arrested. Then give it up. Let everyone does what he or she wants. You wanted only Tigreans to be arrested? you must be very ignorant and racist of all racists. Tigreans are naturally racist? really really?

  3. You denied us our language, our history, and you divided our people and you sold half Tigreans to Italy for 5000 guns and some money? you put ban on our people not to do metal work or metallurgy? you denied us all our human rights and you made us beggars and your reduced to ashes and almost extreminated us ? you mass starved us? you built only 1 University in 100 years and one hospital Tukur Ambessa in 100 years and you made the country a laughing stock of the world and you tell me now Tigreans racist? I do not think the majority Amhara are close minded like you. You tell us breaking news? kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, you do not now breaking news.You have never heard breaking news? how can this breaking news? This is called Nephetegne farting news

  4. Why the price of Cement is so freaking Expensive in Eritrea 3000 Nakfa per Quintal is Shame while Ethiopian enjoy cement for 300 Birr and to your surprise the value of Birr=Nakfa at this moment!

  5. I am scared on the information this guy is giving. Is it true TPLF is giving poison for innocent and poor farmers? Although I am neutral person, and not supporting TPLF, I am not believe they will poison casual workers in farms. If it would have been for politician prisoners and other prominent people from opponents, I may be convinced.


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