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To make confusions clear and appeal to the public

Oromo mom Cry

By Berhanu Kelbessa
To whom it may concerns, 
Believing in the reasonably more accurate characteristic based categorization of individuals as wrong or right than a group or groups, including self as well as others in different views or activities, I preferred to share the following facts as basic to understand the reality and to defend the truth as the man who have faced irresistible hardships, but not to compromise the ultimate value of self and others in similar ways of expectation and life.
Of all, the most resisted, the illegal and odd assertion, denying all rights but unless through others; in the way it diminishes least adulthood to childhood/under guardian/ status; and the 2nd equally important, is the strictly planned and sophisticated process to force and to make admit mistakes of others beyond forgiveness, absolutely influencing  or limiting all means of life while exerted pressures to be dependent under individuals who have violated not only rights but also been committing unprecedented crimes; among many others I’ve taken into considerations including mature and determined aspects of examining other factors beyond self, based on reasons and truth.
Than anything, other than who’ve involved in wrong planning and action against the person, the incorrect admittance of adversaries’ plan and tell or assumption to present an innocent as a criminal by the more-close people, shows the level of understanding, defending, and seeking unbiased reality beyond the force pushes to more confusion, division and then declaring self-evilness upon the poor; poor of money, not of values.
Additionally, what need to state openly is that all negative disseminations, presentations and repeated attempts including records and visuals have been deliberately prepared to change truth to lies and good to bad, besides and equivalently to prior savage crimes and cruelty. Then, any country men/women with genuine and undefeated sprit seeking reality can any time prove the most tragic world’s unprecedented and sophisticated plan and actions against the person which is only depend on time to help with truth while all lost by and on the ways.
I would like to stress to the attention of all brothers and sisters that everything what have been presented against my name are totally beyond my knowledge and could be the result of or after controlling the conscious status of an individual who resisted odds in the way the world cannot imagine, under his understanding.
The dedication to frame and blame an innocent at every place, anytime, and under any conditions, careful imitation and presentation to not only defame but also to convince others, to be free from exposure and accountability, to own illegal claim and false relation against the person whom had trying to eliminate.
In addition to mine, many who yearn about freedom and shout about subjugators and corrupted others at distance have had seriously foiled back grounds against the real interests of the people and the nation of our origin; in looting, devaluing, trading for, risking and sabotaging good culture, economy, rationality, progress and least sense of belonging to parts of our mass/public/ both in terms of normal and crisis not less than strangers; where among many reasons, the root of my sense to prefer home or inland individuals to have the most priority in dealing with their people’s case of politics and in normalizing conditions.
So, while I strongly urge cooperation on common values among all Ethiopian ethnicities, as stated above focusing to one broad difference, wrong or right, to develop sense of enlightenment, to ease hardships of our disadvantageous mass, to encourage and enhance current and future positive expectation without blindly affecting the very scarce available.
Doing so, the intent and visioning new cultivation of beyond limit/scope/boarder/as well as confidence toward better results has expected and begins when not only the person or the group speak for self but based on reason, expected results and beyond all for future good, when one or one group start speaking and concerning for others cases.
Unfortunately, lack of well understanding and preparation to secure the subsistence level of people at home and both becoming victims of incidents /famine/ and history while many things has been going on is severe Pain and the unrecognized result and lack of not undermining unnecessary barriers among individuals in different groups, places and levels.
Similarly, when it comes to a group’s right quest, others under similar and expected conditions need to join for good; to ease means of achievements of rights peacefully and to alive true unity and solidarity.
Therefore, I would like to inquire all that to recall everybody’s routine knowledge where though at different level, the sense of defense starts from self or very immediate cannot be guaranteed only by itself since the very part, and connecting to wider factors. For example, home, neighbor/village/, city, District, state, country, region, continent and the glob where reasonable factors of interdependent existence.
To summarize, to focus on only reasonable factors or difference to have combined efforts and solutions for both natural and man-made problems; to participate and work to speak for others legitimate cause and solutions on one hand and;
To well understand single case like mine, as reference or sample how unfavorable groups actions can hamper reaching on truth and understanding facts wrongly in the way the life of an individual who by far defending human values wrongly interpreted and many fail to recognize least the value of common culture to use single defending word. Where on the way as openly stated, nothing under my knowledge or consent, until this day of time. Where I also urge all good people to have any information/records/, to go further to any presentations to prove, to ask and understand the real truth beyond frames.
Also request to device means under any possibilities to find solutions and to reach for the people who are under risk of famine without considering the political situations for current and continuing future.
Last not the least, I strongly demand the attention of all Ethiopian people ethnicities, parties, fronts, and other persons everywhere to properly aware and advise the current Ethiopian government to fully respect
Legalize, and apply the very relevant solution to current political crisis and the base solution for the future risks or dangers, fully, without infraction, recognizing the whole ideas stated AS INITIATIVES AND FOLLOWING SUPPORTIVE BRIEFS AS I STATED WITHIN THE TIME FRAME.

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