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Tirunesh Dibaba, Genzebe Dibaba & other Ethiopian Athletes robbed in London

Ethiopia-Athletes Robbed. London IAAF World Championships: Ethiopian athletics team are victims of robbery


  1. Dear Ganzebe and Terunish Dibaba Very sorry for incident you faced.
    Late God help you to find things all you lost.
    The zehabeshas, it was nice to stand with our wonderful Ethiopian athletes. watching when our great athletes wining and listening the growth of Ethiopian economy is the only hope we Ethiopians have. Genzebe Dibaba when the macho men of politicians trying to take the country to chaos. You and other athletes are standing in front of Ethiopians as a moon in the darkness and sun shine in the morning giving hope for the people of Ethiopia. I love you so much and continue to show hope and unity until the politicians open their eyes and give priorities about the people. We are all kind races and one people, fighting for what, to feed mine when others are hungry,to get peace when others don’t get it. We want all the children of Ethiopia get jobs and stay with their parents. Kenanis,Hila History will never forget you. Genzeba you are my Tiger,you represent Ethiopia for me, your SMILE your strength, I always running with you on the track until the finishing line. your picture must be on the map of Ethiopia. The girl, the girl—–Good luck in all parts of your life.

  2. Securities work is zero,is that the way to keep Ethiopian jewels, money is nothing, what about the security of each athletes, when tired and sleeping, what they are going to drink and eat. Ethiopian government didn’t put his own security group? They can use different kind of technology to monitor the bedrooms remotely, and every moment around the athlete. They are not less important than PM, when they represent their country. Security must be improve very fast, Please they are in a very important competition,there are people want to win at any cost. The should not travel all together in one plane also.Ethiopia is smarter than this……..

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