Time for frontal attack on TPLF’s founding mythology

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by Ahmed Ugas Yusuf
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Most Ethiopians bemoan the political behavior of TPLF and the irresponsibility and myopia of its leadership. Analyzing the behavior and actions of a political unit without understanding or paying attention to its founding mythology is useless.
TPLF’s staring postulate is that the people of Tigray are special. They have been the cradle of Abyssinian civilization which they lost not because of the ineluctable global and regional socio-economic and geopolitical dynamics but because of the mischief of Amhara. They ascribe their misery under successive oppressive regimes to an identity not to abusive systems. So the whole founding mythology of TPLF is hate, nostalgia for wrongly lost glory and grandeur, and the sense of entitlement that comes with martyrdom syndrome.

That is why they justify the racist hegemony of one ethnic group in Ethiopian politics and the brazen looting of public money. It is this foundational myth and messianic ideology that needs a frontal attack not TPLF’s daily or yearly actions and utterances.
People should also understand the bulk of TPLF’s political, intelligence and military leadership are from the rural areas and therefore cannot converse with civilized and broad people from other ethnic groups.
Malice and an urge to control is a motive for choosing social rejects and weak personalities from other ethnic groups but deep down it is also about relational compatibility. “Rural idiocy” bonds these forces. People like Abay Tsehaye and Debretsion are ideologues not intellectuals. So, it is impossible to engage in a discussion. They only know dictation. That is why their system started to unravel when their equals in other ethnic groups started to go down to their level and play the identity card.
No amount of logic or modern political dialogue works with them. Those who want to take them on therefore must first shake themselves free from the encrustations and pre-possessions of civilized culture and politics.
But, while doing that, care must be taken so the bigger prize of an inclusive and democratic Ethiopia is not sacrificed through a pyrrhic victory! A serious engagement with civilized and broad Tigrayan intellectuals who are opposed to the regime will be a good start.
Making a clear distinction between the crazy ideology of a messianic liberation front and the people it purports to represent is also critical. The people of Tigray are not the enemy. This must be understood and not for political correctness or expediency. They are and should be an ally in this struggle for freedom, justice and equality.

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  1. Ahmed’s has highlighted the hallmark of Woyane’s perverted worldview with pinpoint accuracy.

    Hitler’s malignant ideology, conceived by a deranged mind helped him come up with his delusion of German superiority. Well, Hitler, the grade-school drop-out and the bunch of his fascist lieutenants who were largely powered by performance enhancing drugs, must have been the role models of the most inferior members of the Tigre tribesmen.

    The very unsightly Meles was dependent on tobacco and chat/Khat edulis to malfunction throughout his tenure as a terrorist. The coward who is said never to have fired a single bullet in his life, indeed was surrounded by zombies.

    Their feigned sense of superiority is not even skin-deep. It is very shallow. They suffer from a deep sense of inferiority borne of eternal poverty. As half starved men and women, they may find telling right from wrong difficult.

    They may have found it convenient to create an enemy, and make an Amhara a scapegoat,for the harsh physical environment that they have been borne into. Like Hitler, Woyanes are not amenable to reason because they lack the faculty to do so.
    The Debre Tsion, Abai Tshai and company are pitiable idiots who do not even appreciate how Ethiopians across the board hold them in tremendous contempt for everything they did as mercenaries and much more besides.
    It took Americans and most Europeans to fully understand Hitlers small mind, long decoded by the Russians. The only language the poor Germans could understand was the same violence they visited upon others.
    Ethiopians have come to realize that Amaras were not Woyane’s subjects of violent attention. No Ethiopian was spared in the last two decades or so.

    Treacherously,Woyanes have seized state power and the military infrastructure.
    That seems to have given them confidence to weather the rising storm. Hitler’s Nazis and Mussolini’s fascists crumbled when the allied forces roared in unison,
    It may not be too long before the hunted, start savoring the taste of victory in occupied Ethiopia.

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