Tigreans in the Leadership of Amahara National Democratic Movement (ANDM)

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hilawi yosef

by Muse Abebe

One of the strategies devised by TPLF to colonise Ethiopia is forming satellite parties that represent major ethnic groups.

One of the satellite parties created by TPLF is the Amhara National Democratic Front (ANDM). Although the party is supposed to represent the Amhara people in the EPRDF coalition, most of the leadership are either Tigreans or their ethnic background is unknown.

Tracing the ethnic background of political leaders is not an important issue in democratic societies. Nevertheless, because the system structured by TPLF is entirely based on ethnicity, it is imperative to clarify the ethnical background of leaders in ANDM. Mainly, the ethnic background of former and current leaders of ANDM such as Tamirat Layne, Adddisu Leggesse and Tefera Walwa is far from clear. Most importantly, prominent figures with in the Amhara National Democratic Front ( ANDM) have Tigrean background. They are installed by TPLF to weaken the history and culture of the Amhara people. Some of the Tigres in ANDM include.

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1. Kassa Tiklebirhan, speaker of the House of Federation-Tigre
2. Kebede chane, Minister of Trade-Tigre
3. Tadesse Kassa (a.k.a Tinkishu), president of Tiret and Ras Dashen Brewery
4. Genet Gebreegziabher, excutive committee member of ANDM and EPRDF
5. Meles Tilahun, Council Member of ANDM
6. Helawi Yosef , Ethiopia’s ambassador to Israel

How do we expect such personalities serve the interest of the Amhara people?


  1. To the writer, please don’t use the word «Colonise» for the fellow country people /Habesha/ we had been sick and tired of this when our own brothers Eriterian using it against us, which is unlikly and unreliable

  2. Should we also remind you of Oromos and Amharas in TPLF. Dr. Addis Alem Balema Oromo….Gebru Asrat Amhara Wondiwessen Kebede Amhara Alemayehu Bekelle Amhara … Tsehaye Debalkew Amhara By the way I am not confirming that yours is right. We know your source is Araya Iyerusalem the day dreamer who even recently said that Eskender Nega came back to Ethiopia after the fall of the Dergue. Eskender Nega was in the Prison Alem Bekagn with us when he was young. Many Tigrayans know his aspirations from before the only thing we didn’t know was that he would betray us and favor Tadyos Tanto and incite violence against our people.

  3. Tigre people liberation front is SATAN itself as it could be manifested in human form in its most disgusting and evil manner.
    TPLF created ethnic organisation called ANDM is the main strategy by which it is destroying the amhara population from inside. BRANCH AND ROOT ALL THEse parasites in A N D M are tigres, who have no interest in helping or serving the amhara.
    The main job assigned to these assassins by TPLf is to evict, displace, dispossess, persecute, jail, torture and murder amharas. They are annexing Gondar and wollo to create their dream of a tigre republic extending up to the red sea, and giving away the remaing parts amhara regions to sudan.
    The amhara population is being evicted, killed and diplaced from north wolo and gondar.
    ANDM have every authority over the amhara to do what they like to achieve the objective of the satanic Tigre people liberation front.
    TIgre people liberation front know well that there is not a single amhara worth his salt that will support their heidous crime of genocide and persecution on the amhara population, that is why they have chosen their own tigrean cadres and others of dubious persons labelling them as Amhara to do their dirty work.
    The misery continues, what will the end be is any body’s guess.

  4. To add few more on Yirgalem’s list: Hagos Gemechu (Red Cross), Goitom Balcha (maremia betoch), Sekutote Getachew (before he moved to ANDP), are/were a few of the most visible guys at TPLF.
    But the so-called-author of the above was writing rubbish with no clear understanding of the backgrounds of the men he mentioned. Fikru Yosef Mengstu (aka Yosef) is not a Tigrian, for example. Others are from Agew (like Kassa and Tadesse). But the writer might have watched them speaking Tigrigna, which is because they have lived with the people and fighters Pre-1991 and even after.

  5. In practice there is no ANDM. From top to bottom it is controlled by non Amhara
    former EPDM leaders who totally work for and defend the hegemony of TPLF and
    Tigray/Tigrigne interest. Those who run the Amhara State at zonal,woreda, kebelle and city/town level are mostly Tigryans who were given membership in ANDM. Letme give you a small example: 1/Hadish Halefom (In charge of South Gondar under the guise of Head of Communication), 2/Tsehaye Mengesha
    (Mayor of Woldiya), 3/Abere Abera (Mayor of Kombolcha), 4/Getnet Amare
    (Mayor of Gondar), 5/Adgeh(Adgoy) Mekuria (Senior official of Tana Beles Sugar
    Project, hand picked by Abay Tsehaye to manage the systematic eviction of
    Gondereans from formerly Alefa Takusa’s land transfered to Awi Zone and replace them by new settlers from non Amhara areas), 6/Abreham (Head of Amhara Water works Enterprise or AWSKOD) etc.

  6. Where do you think TPLF get such an approach of politics? From their master EPLF (Shabia). At one point TPLF’s top 15 leadership was taken by Eritreans. EPLF still have insiders within the palace and around Ethiopia that pass information directly to Asmara claiming to be Ethiopians. Does dividing the country along ethnic line help? NO! Yet, it serves the purpose of TPLF to weaken the entire country so that their rule will be permanent. For God’s sake, we can’t even communicate to each other. There is no common language. Is that how you run a country? Oh yes, Mafia style!

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