Tigrayan Terrorist Group claim to capture Kombolcha City

Tigrayan forces said on Sunday they seized another strategic town in Ethiopia’s Amhara region., The fighters captured Kombolcha and its airport, said Getachew Reda, a spokesperson for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

The capture of Kombolcha would be a strategic gain for the Tigrayan fighters against the Ethiopian military and its allies, who are trying to dislodge the Tigrayans from the Amhara region.

The large town is about 380km (235 miles) from the capital, Addis Ababa, and is the furthest south in Amhara that the TPLF has reached since pushing into the region in July. It suggested the TPLF was heading closer to the Ethiopian capital.

The spreading conflict threatens to further destabilise Africa’s second most populous nation.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged citizens to join the fight against the TPLF after Tigrayan forces said they took Kombolcha, which is on a highway linking the capital of the landlocked nation to the port of Djibouti.

“Our people should march … with any weapon and resources they have to defend, repulse and bury the terrorist TPLF,” Abiy said in a Facebook post.

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  1. They (TPLFS) are hitting their very targets or goals but you keep kidding and playing with a monstrous picture of them . This is the most stupid and dangerous political mentality and moral decay to say the least! The so-called prime minister is the most hypocritical, , conspiratorial , idiotic , delusional, illusssional and above all the most dangerous political figure ! How it makes sense to keep talking very nonsensical political propaganda whereas the TPLF and OLF toughs are marching to the Arat Kilo palace and join Abyi and his party , OPDO and continue dismantling all histories and values of the Amhara ? So sad and so stupid !!

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