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Tigray Terrorist Front prevented from entering northern Ethiopia

Prensa Latina
Aug 22, 2021
Terorist Forces of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) failed in their attempt to take control of Humera, located in northern Ethiopia, according to a report by the administration of that city released today.

The TPLF terrorists suffered as many as 12 defeats while trying to invade some important parts of the town and adjoining areas, said the deputy administrator and head of peace and security of the jurisdiction, Colonel Demeke Zewdu.

The community in this area of the Tigray is in a good position to neutralize once and for all the criminals of the Front because it forged a strong alliance with the security forces, Zewdu added.

Meanwhile, in Gasay, a locality belonging to the Amhara region and located at about 316 kilometers north of this capital, one of the TPLF commanders, Gebrehiwot Gebreaelaf, laid down his arms to the National Defense Forces.

According to an official report, at the time of his capitulation he was carrying four fake ID cards and a packet of cannabis, and the authorities also decided to seize several bank accounts from him.

Gebreaelaf confessed that most of his forces were destroyed and many of the troops are scattered in various parts of the region.

In November 2020, the Front attacked the federal army in Tigray and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed responded with a military offensive to neutralize it and restore law and order in the region.


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