Tigray Interim Admin Officials discharged from their duties

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Addis Abeba March 16, 2021

Amdom Gebreselassie, Deputy Head of Communication Affairs bureau , and Alula Habteab, Head of the bureau of Construction, Road and Transport have been discharged from their duties through a letter they received from Mulu Nega (PhD), Head of Tigray Interim Administration.

According to Amdom, who spoke to Addis Standard, the decisions did not come from the administration in Tigray, rather from the federal government who were not happy about his remarks on March 8, on an interview with Tigray TV, in which he pointed out the rapes and atrocities on women in Tigray and that perpetrators should face law. He believes the recent statement released by his party also counts as a basis to the decision that led to his termination.

He also indicated that he was told about a committee responsible for contents of media dispatch passing the decision for their discharges, following “unnecessary remarks” they gave to media outlets regarding current issues in Tigray, adding that he was further told that the interim administration has also accepted the decision subsequently.

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Amdom also affirmed that the brief letter that was also given to Alula Habteab in similar manner merely notifies the decision of their discharge from the posts with gratitude for their contribution so far. He said grounds of termination are not detailed in the letter. However, he indicated his concern about these actions that are also taken on Alula Habteab in similar manner are undemocratic and incapacitate freedom of independent action of any official in Tigray.

When asked if there are any differences within the cabinet members of the administration, he said, “There are no considerable differences on fundamental issues and situations in Tigray, the difference that exist is between reflecting opinions boldly in some officials and abstaining from expressing their mind in others.”

Amdom Gebreselassie, also public relations head of Arena Tigray Party and Engineer Alula Habteab were appointed in posts they assumed as the Tigray Region Provisional Administration cabinet comprising 16 members established to fill the administration vacuum in Tigray.

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It was recalled that Alula Habteab, who heads the interim administration’s construction, road and transport department, appeared to openly criticize soldiers from Eritrea, as well as the neighboring Amhara region, for their actions during the conflict.

Efforts made by Addis Standard to reach Dr. Mulu Nega Head of the Interim Administration for his comment on this matter were unsuccessful.



  1. Why did these two leave out soldiers from Formajo and the air force of United Arab Emirates? May be Ismael Omer Guelleh’s commandos? What I am so mad about these two is they did not even say a word about Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog’s green berets still killing civilians there. Slackers!!!!!

  2. The Tigraya’s leaders problem is that they dont have YOULOGTA which helps to be fair in their conscious judgmental. What they are crying about now what people of Amhara have been cried out loud for 26 years. Have any Tigray said anything about Amhara genocides?

  3. Subject: Tigray interim admin officials discharged from their duties, http://www.zehabesha.com, 16 Mar 2021

    Commentary, 17 Mar 2021
    At this point in time — for that matter at ANY time — it is very wise to LISTEN to the wise ordinary general public of Tigray rather than to be guided by self-appointed leader for personal ambition, which, for sure, will lead Tigray to disaster. Let the HISTORY of Mankind be the lesson and guidance to sane avenue for the benefit of ALL — NOT FOR AMBITIOUS INDIVIDUALS .

    It has been observed and said about the WISDOM of the the people of Tigray. It is TIME to use it for the survival of the people of Tigray and for the overall harmony in the ANCIENT independent African country named ETHIOPIA.. Disintegrating an Ancient African Black Country serves NO BODY. THE END

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