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Thousands of Diaspora Eritreans Rally Against COI Report in Geneva

Emotions are running high amongst thousands of Eritreans protesting at the UN Human Rights Council HQ in Geneva denouncing the false, exaggerated and politically skewed report of the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea.
Emotions are running high amongst thousands of Eritreans protesting at the UN Human Rights Council HQ in Geneva denouncing the false, exaggerated and politically skewed report of the Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea.

by Daniel Birhane | Tesfa News

Thousands of Eritreans from across Europe flocked to Geneva to protest against the recent manoeuvre by the Commission of Inquiry (COI) on Human Rights in Eritrea, which is making a false politically motivated accusations and request the referral of Eritrea to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Since early morning the scenery of the quiet city, Geneva, was getting jam-packed with many Eritreans colourfully decorated with Eritrean flags, who arrived in many busses, cars, and planes from all parts of European countries including Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom and some from other parts of the world.

The protesters are angry at the harassment of their country by the USA sponsored three-member commission of inquiry and view the recent move as sinister with the intention to destabilize thecountry in the name of human rights.

Emotions are running high – as the mass of banner-holding protestors march in the city and finally settling at the UN headquarters, demanding not only for the rejection of the politically driven action by the commission, but also for all the hostilities to be stopped and demand the UN address the fundamental cause of the problem in the region namely the aggression and violation of international laws by the Ethiopian minority regime with full supported of the USA.

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Eritreans are extremely fed up with the world system, referring to the decision of the UN well over half a century ago that resulted in so many deaths and suffering, the injustices of the recent times including the sanction imposed on Eritrea and the current plot in the name of human rights.

Fundamentally, Eritreans view the United Nation as a tool for the most powerful countries in the world, in particular the USA, to enforce its policies on other countries. Beyond looking at the consequences, the main causes of the havoc and instability in the Horn of Africa region is the direct role of USA and the roles of the governments and international organizations including the United Nations that are employed to implement these policies.

Is targeting Eritrea in the name of human rights really out of concern for the human rights of the Eritrean people or a pretext to impose a specific agenda against Eritrea?
Is targeting Eritrea in the name of human rights really out of concern for the human rights of the Eritrean people or a pretext to impose a specific agenda against Eritrea?

Here in Geneva, ironic questions are being asked – Is targeting Eritrea in the name of human rights really out of concern for the human rights of the Eritrean people or a pretext to impose a specific agenda against Eritrea?

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Why does Eritrea qualify for such scrutiny whereas, for example, the “Ethiopian” regime that has been gunning down hundreds of people in day light and committing horrific genocide against the Ethiopian people protected and defended by the USA?

The feeling here is it is the United States that has been violating the collective human rights of the Eritrean people through becoming the main obstacle in resolving a legally concluded border problem and encouraging its allay, the “Ethiopian” regime to continuously occupy Eritrean territories.

Furthermore, the United Nations has been the main toolin implementing hostile policies against Eritrea including imposing sanctions with the intention to bring it to its knees and at the same time protect its ally, Ethiopia.

The human rights commission of inquiry is, therefore, one of the hostile measures, just as the so called “independent” monitoring group that manufactured fictional stories to justify the sanctions that were imposed on Eritrea in the name of United Nations.

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In a bid to get maximum publicity with the intention of tarnishing Eritrea’s image that would serve as groundwork for taking further hostile measures against Eritrea, the commission presented the summary of the report to the media, which was in great contrast with the recent times development, where distorted perception and narration of Eritrea, has been challenged by visiting groups, officials and diplomats who reside in Eritrea.

While, here at the UN headquarters, the anger, the sense of injustice and the desire to make their voices are extremely strong, the sense of patriotism, solidarity and resilience, amongst the thousands of Eritreans are even stronger.

Representatives of the protesters are expected to meet with UN officials to deliver the message and discuss their demands.

Source: Tesfa News


  1. Rape
    Extra judiciary arrest ( a pope , journalists , old men , boys etc )
    Forced military service ( remember the recent jump from a lorry )
    Mass exodus
    Organ trafficking
    Check points
    Detention centers

    All describe Ere -Tera

  2. Thousands to rally against the dictator of Wadya on 23 June in Geneva .

    Never miss the moment to expose your children’s killers , rapists and slave owners .

    Why r our kids ?
    Where is My dad ?
    Where is my sis ?
    Where did you bury those you shot on the boarder while fleeing your hell ?


    Finally, the world decided to cut off the cancer of east Africa (Eritrea).

  4. why do all these people leave eritrea if they support the regime that is the cause of so many deaths and refugees all over the world.it is a bizzare situation. did not they want justice.

  5. This protest is organized by Shabia and Ginbot 7. There are many Ginbot 7 members residing in Europe are in the protest. Sad!

  6. The scene is pretty sad. Not only we have set our homeland ablaze we are also taking the peace and the tranquility of our host country. If I were the host countries, I put those people in an Antonov cargo plane and send them back to their homeland to enjoy what they are missing. This does not mean Eritrea’s authority’s reference to the ICC is correct. I believe, TPLF does many worst atrocities on its citizens than EPLF. The difference is one thing. TPLF serves the interests of the United States and EPLF has defied their interference an equivocally from the get go. Nevertheless, Eritrea is referred the as the North Korea of Africa. There is a reason for that. These blind sympathizers of the regime should also consider the suffering of the Eritrean people under the brutal regime of Mr. Afeworki. It is one thing to love your country, it is another to be objective and address the situation on the ground to alleviate the suffering of the people under the yoke of EPLF.

  7. — Breaking News —

    Eritreas officials personals international travelling restricted.

    ICC is officially implementing its hunting strategy internationally to capture Eritrean officials in order to bring them to if court.

  8. Breaking news

    Asmara is tense after a rumor of another round of AFESA circulates .

    Shabias confused and angry
    People in Eretria watching only EBC and other
    Ethiopian satellite channels

  9. Wele that is not true.ethiopian will never replace their flag with ertrean flag.so ertreqn carry ertrean flag.

  10. Well,well I have never seen wave of unity in Africa.They say Eritrea is the Jewel of Africa…….I will say these people are the the jewels of Africa.They challenge the white power like nobody did.Good luck!!!

  11. There is one and only one thing I completely agree with Al-Toweel Isaias. The current exodus of the unemployed youth from his heathen on earth land is mainly for economic reasons. He let them out by hundreds of thousands in northwest directions. Once they arrive at their destinations they will become a crucial source of income to fill up his war chest. He has a long standing experience on his resume going back to the 1960’s and 70’s. It looks like he has let enough income source get out and that is why the number is currently on the downside. He has the Nega’s of G7, OLF, ONLF and other weird creatures like them sign iron clad long term economic treaties with them and that makes him the most ‘all-set’ live despots in our time. And he has his closest cousins on the backs 95 million people ruling with an iron fist just south of him. What a lucky guy!!! Once in a while he shoots a few rounds of AK47’s in the directions of his first cousins across the ’38th parallel’ just to make the Nega’s and Ibsa’s of the gullibles but equally bigots creatures believers of his fictionalized ‘beef’ with the remnants of the late PM. I bet you my bottom dollar on this one. I bet you that his operatives are in an extensive talks with El-Sisi and the Wahhabis of Riyadh about targeting the dam being built on the Nile. It is a dead giveaway. El-Sisi has asked the Israeli PM for his assistance about the dam. I bet you the G7’s OLF’s and ONLF’s has been bus-sed in already on this one. How about 2 billion dollars as a reward? 3 Billion? 4 billion? How about that ‘al-akhwaani’!!! Then he will send one of his clunky SU27’s or SU29’S to bomb the dam and kill thousands of bread earners. And he will be heard shouting on the phone with El-Sisi ‘Target destroyed!! Target destroyed!!!’ He is an excellent messenger, isn’t he? Isn’t he after all one heck of ‘pure Semitic Arab’ any way!!! Mark my word for it.

  12. these same people who are protesting in support of shabia are sustaining the regime, giving it life support and encouraging it to persecute and murder so many people. it is shameful. why are they in europe if the regime they are supporting is so good that they have to come out in mass to support it.

    on the one hand these people get asylum in the west by claiming that shabia persecutes them and once they get their assylum in the west, their true colour shows. it could be that shabia is sending them out to europe so that they can send money back to eritrea to prop up shabia.

    has anyone got a clue about this strange situation.

  13. Though Mr. Isayas is a bite of dictator, he has sovereign attitudes and sovereign policies. Those are the things that the leader of the neocolonial team, USA, does not like. In the post cold war era, all eastern states should be Western oriented rather obedient. Otherwise, they will be systematically demonized and eventually bulldozed by force or otherwise.

    Westerns and others are scrambling for the red sea behind the scene. Sovereign minds and states are hence due to be abolished. Thus, Eritrea is on the table now!

    That is the motive of the UN rather USA for criminalizing the state of Eritrea. It is absolutely not because they care for justice, human rights or the people of Eritrea.

    Just few evidences in sport of my arguments:
    – Who/why has/was Iraq invaded rather destroyed?
    – Who/why has/was Afghanistan invaded rather destroyed?
    – Who/why has/was Libya invaded rather destroyed?
    – Who/why has/was Somalia invaded rather destroyed?
    – Who/why has/was Syria invaded rather destroyed?
    – Who/why has/was Ethiopia destroyed?
    – etc…

    All was/is with the same algorithms? The problem is we humans are systematically brainwashed and made machine like beings who simply echo their claims.

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