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This is a mother’s instinct, kind, loving and caring (Ethiopian Airlines)

1632329074211I was on an Ethiopian Airlines flight from Dubai to Mombasa and their was a mom travelling in the same flight with 3 kids. Her youngest a baby, was crying non stop. You could see the mother struggling trying to calm the baby but in vain.

Almost 15 min passed and the baby was still crying. Suddenly, the baby stopped crying and when I looked I could see the air hostess pictured below carrying the baby and putting him to sleep.

The air hostess cuddled the baby for sometime and made sure he was asleep before giving him back to the mother. Me being me, I approached the lady and told her how nice of her to do that.

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She then told me how she left her 10 months old baby at home with her husband while she worked that night. She remembered her baby and could not listen to the baby crying in the flight without trying to do something.

This is a mother’s instinct, kind, loving and caring.

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To the working mother, you are doing a great job and like the air hostess on the flight that day,  you are a true hero!

Maliha Omar, PMP

#motherslove #kindness

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  1. Best advertisment made in favor of the genocidal airlines of prosperity party dominated by amhara and presented by shokakaw kakaw henok alemayehu daniel and his fans

    Ethiopian airlines smuggling weapons 2 ethiopia from russia, china, and Turkey.

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