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Third Conference Transition and Constitution Making in Post-Conflict Ethiopia Conference Communique

Third Conference
Transition and Constitution Making in Post-Conflict Ethiopia
Conference Communique


Vision Ethiopia, an independent and nonpartisan network of Ethiopian academics and professionals, in collaboration with the Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT), organized a two-day conference entitled “Roadmap for Transition and Constitution Making in Post-Conflict Ethiopia”, on October 22 and 23, 2016. The Conference was convened at Georgetown Marriot Hotel and Renaissance Hotel, Washington D.C., and was graced by the presence of several Ethiopians of all backgrounds, including, experts on constitution making, conflict resolution and peace building, political scientists, scholars, former diplomats, and leaders of religious and civic organizations. The event was live streamed throughout the world.

The conference addressed the current situation in Ethiopia and explored the pre-conditions, modalities, and pathways for establishing a stable post-conflict social, economic and political order in the country. The participants examined and deliberated on the root causes of the crisis engulfing the country and the implications of the declaration of State of Emergency by the ruling party.

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  1. If you are concerned Ethiopians, I am wondering what you are bringing
    to the table? You are suppose to be educated Ethiopian and the only thing you are promoting
    is hate and division. I am not sure if I understand your agenda because the only thing you are
    promoting is blaming the government for everything. Your motives are not the concern of our
    people, it is your agenda.

  2. Guys!! Building a country is not as easy as those who made the conference. Who are these guys? Major Dawit W/Giorgis Dr. Dima Negawo etc etc etc These guys are criminals!!!Some of them stole money and left the country during Military and Haile Slassie regime. Do you allow them for the second time to steal or what? They swear in the name of Bible or Qauran and deceive the people. Even if the current government failed; the shown individuals are not fit at all. They are the puppet of the Eritrea government. Shabia or The Essayas Afeworki government can produce or duplicate his supporter as any individual changing his shirt accordingly.

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Members of the dead EX-Deargue sill on the forum….Ridiculusly cruel….Ethiopia must depart from people from the 60th…Can you please rest in peace…you have become pain in the bum…………………

  4. I know Dawit w/giorgis personally. He failed us. He robbed the country and run away. He had intimate relations with shabia. This man is not concerned about Ethiopia. He is just after money. He served the derg regime for long and yet he failed to understand the root causes of all the messes in the country. He is so rigid and shallow. He makes business for him to survive here and there. We do not need these people really. It is so funny, the came out of a no place and held a conference on transition… post conflict.. Funny people. I agree with david, they are filled with hatred. They did nothing, and yet they never pointed a single development the current regime has made. Dawit one time challenged him and he labelled me I am TPLF or EPRDF when I am not at all, but only trying not to agree with his hatred attitude.

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