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The wonderful art of achieving freedom. – By Yilma Bekele


Our people are confronting the Woyane dictators on so many fronts that we have lost count. They are coming out with creative ways that has left the regime helpless and clueless. We always knew our people were special and no amount of suffering and pain would break their will not to submit to anyone, anytime, anyway. Today that truth is told in many tongues, and in so many ways that it would require an absolute deafness to miss the message.

Are those in charge listening? This is a good question. Not at all, is the simple answer. The problem did not start yesterday, not even last week. Let us agree that it began twenty-two years ago, but who’s counting? The current upheaval is a little more than one year old. Between the Oromo and Amhara protests, over fifteen hundred that we know of, have been killed by Woyane Security. The TPLF Mafia tried to silence the Oromo protest purely by force. When faced with the Amharas joining the cause, the initial response was using the same old force that has not worked.

The Amhara brilliantly coupled the protest with the Oromos and carried placards and slogans of our gallant Oromo leaders, thus giving the protest a National flavor. Faced with this, the Woyane cabal that has ruled at will had a mental meltdown a la Chernobyl. It still has not recovered, and it is not expected to recover for the next thousand years. In the delirious state they are in, they seem to have come up with a few ill conceived, unsustainable, and as temporary as band-aid solutions. We always knew they cannot function under stress, and the current situation is beyond their capacity to handle. Lost for ideas, they brought out good old ‘ethnic cleansing’ charge from Meleses old book. These idiots cannot even come up with something original.

They used the poor Tigreans that were settled in Welkait/Tsegede twenty years back as a prop for their propaganda. This is not the first for the TPLF. Hawzen story will one day be told in open daylight. That was their first using human lives to make a point. They sent busses and lorries to Welkait and moved the poor people back to Tigrai making sure to take pictures and videos. Bloggers and fake journalists were used to put out the information as legitimate and real. They even convinced the Banda Leader of Ogaden to contribute to the ‘displaced Tigreans’. This is mostly for International consumption. It is preparing the ground to justify the ‘lawful’ means they will be forced to take to protect peace and security.

They are also floating a theory where the ‘Oromo movement’ is seen as raising legitimate issues for consideration and the ‘Amhara’ one as an attempt to change the Constitution illegally. The assumption is that they could bribe, trick and play the Oromos to go back to the old role of following Woyane while at the same time creating uncertainty among the Amhara. Woyane is good at creating doubt, to make us take our eyes away from the target.

Where they truly demonstrated that they have nothing new and different to offer is in the recent program on EBC (Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation) a subsidy of EFFORT where they brought out old worn out rethreads like Berket Semeon, Abay Tsehaye, Kassu Illala, and Abadula Gemeda. That does not look like a formidable force that will inspire confidence, does it? For starters, the Ethiopian people elected none of them. In a supervised election, none of the above gentlemen would be elected as a dogcatcher let alone a leader.

The EBC set is state of the art with an impressive glass table but the lighting is fit for a bar or a boutique, not for a serious format where national issues are discussed. Not to worry since nothing of significance was said or could be said by the four individuals that most Ethiopians hold at a very low esteem. Let us just say that the four individuals, after a lengthy consultation, would not be able to find the exit door in a studio apartment, and with all due respect, I am being fair to the honorable gentlemen.

Bereket Semon is from Gondar, but the people of Gondar have never ever elected him to represent them. He is best known to be Meles’s sidekick, and is famous for the obvious lies he tried to spin into something real in 2005. I do not know if he knows it or not but he has no credibility with our people. He even lost the 2005 elections where Meles had him run in Wollo. Don’t ask why or how ok? The poor guy who defeated him got into a lot of trouble, and of course Ato Bereket won double digits in the rerun. Ato Bereket is also said to be associated with Dashen Beer that is now being banned not to be seen outside off the factory grounds.

Ato Bereket emphatically declared that the problem to be with the leadership!. He even said, ‘now we have come to realize that.’ He said, ‘to serve the people what one needs is pureness of heart but he speculated some use their authority in a negative way.’ He said that would stop with the new Tehadso campaign. He did not explain how he got to be so rich and powerful when we all know that he entered Addis with his shirt and pants, and that he has been a public servant all his life. Did he moonlight as a businessman on the side? What a resourceful gentleman.

Kassu Ilala is known for trying to cheat his way into Parliament from an area where he has never resided. He was not born in Sodo’ Wereda in Gurage Zone as he claimed, making him ineligible to stand for election. That is how desperate he was to be used by Meles during the 2005 election. In this interview he was playing the role of the ‘intellectual’ expert. His service for TPLF notwithstanding, his explanation this time around does not hold water. He named the call by EPRDF as ‘Deep cleansing’ (Yeteleke Tehadso) reminds one of a visit to a Spa. He even speaks their language. Anyway his claim is according to the new initiative it is determined ‘Rent Collection’ to be a major problem among the party members (you can tell he was channeling the great leader here) but I guess no one told Bereket that argument because he shot it down the next minute. Back to the drawing board Doc and good luck.

Why they included Aba Dulla is not clear. But of course he is a fixture in Woyane Parliament. I remember his glares when the ‘Great Leader’ was challenged during the fake Parliament debates. He was placed between a rock and a hard place. He was not much into this recent Testosterone loaded Tehadso so he went to his old talking points about teaching his party members to be responsible. Again it is not clear who gave him that authority to lecture us since he has never won a fair election. As a matter of fact he lost his district in 2005 but was allowed to have a re-vote like Bereket and of course he won in a landslide.

Abay Tsehaye should be brought in front of the Politburo regarding his failure as Federation Chief and endangering the gravy train called TPLF. That is my suggestion to the Mafia group. In this meeting EBC did not want to use him much. He was a background except the time when he gave Aba Dulla a signal to cut it off. Abbay has always been a background guy and situations like the current one are not easy for him to understand. This must be trying times. He can see forty years of work getting untangled. Well he was building on sand and the walls are coming down. Bereket and Abay bought Meleses lies lock, stock and barrel and today is payback time.

Tigrai Peoples Liberation Front has been masquerading as the EPRDF. Today it is forced to throw the mask away and introduce itself to the Ethiopian people as the real power behind the throne. It is very refreshing to see hate filled ethnic supremacists scrambling to find solutions to the predicament they have created for themselves. It is agreed among Ethiopians that what we are hearing is the last gasps of a dying system. We are experts at this since we have witnessed two within a short span.

As an expert I can feel the muscle spasms of Woyane as it is twitching to regain some control but it is involuntary movement that comes when all the air is sucked out its dehydrated corpse. The twitching in this case is a little long because as a people we don’t like to rush into decisions and we tighten the screw at a very relaxed pace. We just do not overthrow our leaders but we play with them like a cat with a little mouse. We seem to stop in the middle and take time off. We pause a lot. One can say we are a tad indecisive.

It took almost a year or more to finally overthrow the Imperial regime. Crazy Mengistu settled the question in his own lunatic way. Well he was not spared from the agony. It took a long time for his exit while he paced the empty palace haunted by the ghosts of his crime. We waited. He left at midnight and we did not get excited. The liberators arrived and they were nothing to write home about. Our country is full of surprises. There was no fanfare except the one created by Woyane burning some munitions storage. We ignored them and they went consolidating their evil rule.

Today we are faced with the same situation. A dying regime twitching to hold on to power that it is losing grasp by the day. Woyane figured building a large formidable army would protect them from sudden and unexpected change. They though they will just have to send Agazi force kill a few, jail many and dance on the grave to show who the boss is.

The Ethiopian people pulled the rug from under their feet. We figured we have to confront Woyane in so many different ways without being wedded to one. That is what Patriotic Ginbot 7 proposed five years back and that is what is happening in today’s Ethiopia. We are meeting the challenge in many different ways and they are all showing fruits. We took the initiative and we are deciding where and how we face Woyane. We choose the place and we choose the weapon.

Our people are practicing the wonderful art of peaceful resistance. Towns are deserted, businesses are closed and banks are raided. Our people are turning their face away from dirty, filthy and skinny Woyane. Our people are staying home. That is one way. Our Freedom fighters are using ambush to slowly sap away Woyanes strength. Our special forces are infiltrating Woyane troops and we are emboldened by the desertion of over four hundred soldiers with their weapons a few days back. That is how it is done, smart, calculated and deliberate.
The Diaspora is still the weakest link in this chain of events. We have accomplished so much but we still got ways to go. We are still not using the power of ‘boycott’ to help our people. Now is the time more than ever to exercise our freedom here in the west and channel our energy to help our people overcome this pest. Instead of wondering what the Woyane regime is going to do next we should concentrate on what we ourselves can do to lessen our people’s burden. Instead of asking what you are doing I should answer what exactly I am doing to bring freedom and democracy. Instead of doubting the resiliency of our people we should be cheering the steadfastness they are showing against the overwhelming odd they are facing. It is a good time to be an Ethiopian. May God protect our Freedom fighters.

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  1. I know for a fact if Yilma Bekele becomes the leader of Ethiopia he will become the worst genocidal leader Ethiopia has ever seen ,yes worst than any TPLF official.

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