The Untold Story of Dejazmach Beyene Wondimagegnehu (Ligabaw Beyene)

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The Untold Story of Dejazmach Beyene Wondimagegnehu (Ligabaw Beyene)

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  1. Demis
    Thank you for this great history of our notabilities in native Ethiopia.
    We have to learn form those advanced countries to use our history for the motivation of the next generation instead of defaming our glorious achiever.
    Of course , I can not deny oppression and evil things happen on people during those feudal administration but if we discredit all our ancestors achievements by mentioning their weakness, we will remain with out constructive history for the future.
    Eddie Habte Mekasha

  2. What a captivating story……I have always wondered to know the story of this hero after watching the video clip made about him……thank you for sharing!

  3. Energetic and motivative story! But I think the slogan,poem…”wuha altetam blo tej eyelemene
    …embi blo mote Ligabaw Beyene…”is not correct rather the music lyrics
    “Tej teta silut wuha eyelemene
    Embi blo mote Ligabaw Beyene” is right….otherwise it is a wonderful story.

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