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The unrestrained Woyane lie!!! – By Geresu Tufa

By Geresu Tufa

Fact No 1: the current #Constitution_of_Ethiopia stipulates that declaring State of Emergency should be approved by 2/3 vote of the members of the parliament, which means that out of 547 Mps 364 must vote in favor of the Bill prepared by Council of Ministers.

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Activist Geresu Tufa

Fact No 2: the attendance of today’s assembly was registered as: 441.

Fact No 3: the Speaker of the House #Abbaa_Dulula_Gammadaa announced that the vote for #SOE was 346; against:88; and abstention: 7.

Fact No 4: Fana first issued in black and white 346 as vote in favour of the State of Emergency. Then it edited the figure and changed to 395. (Please, see here under the news posted by #Fana_Broadcasting_Corporation own by Woyane itself).

Now, why FBC changed the actual vote of 346 announced by the Speaker to fabricated figure 395? How would the Woyane mouthpiece FBC add up the figures: 395, 88 and 7? How on earth does Abbaa Duulla Gammadaa derelict his responsibility of Speakermanship and keep silent when wrong figure and false decision are disseminated to the general public?

The obvious and undeniable reason for manipulating the correct figure -346- is that it is short of the vote required by the Constitution to pass the #SoE. Thus, the evasive action in edition is to cover up the violation of the constitution.

Moreover, the Woyane mouthpiece Fana Broadcasting Corporation enlarged the fraud by contraducting the attendance registration of the House of Representative cited above under fact number 2. If we add up 395 + 88+ 7 it is equal to 490. The variance between this false fabricated figure and the official registration (490-441) is 49. This is the result of unrestrained Woyane lie.

Further, why does Abbaa Dullaa Gammadaa derelict his duty and responsibility when the Supreme Political Body(Parliament) is abused and the decision affects millions of lives?

This is how we have been ruled for 27 years: by unrestrained Woyane lies. Woyane ruled us with lies. It stolen us with lies. It killed us with lies. Now, it is declaring war against our people on utter lies.

Truth Shall Prevail!
People’s Power Will Win!

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  1. State of emergency is 110% illegal, the Ethiopian parliament is 110% illegal, terrorist, tyrannical, devil, criminal TPLF/EPRDF is 110% illegal. The solution to Ethiopian people problem to lock up in jail the law breakers/criminals/terrorists; Ethiopian parliament, TPLF/EPRDF members and their supporters. To lock them we have to be beat them militarily and economically. Economically, by destroying all the sources of their wealth since 110% of their wealth is stolen; deny them income from export/import to businesses/industries and properties, foreign aid/remittance etc. Militarily, by arming all patriotic/freedom/democracy/liberty loving Ethiopians to protect themselves and take preemptive action to prevent harm to themselves and their family/friends/neighbors and by supporting militant democracy/liberty/freedom/rule of law loving groups such as PATRIOTIC GINBOT 7 morally, financially, psychologically, logistically, militarily, politically and spreading enlightening information/education to vast majority of Ethiopians. TPLF/EPRDF only respect/worship POWER/MONEY their GOD. If we chip away at their GOD at a brisk pace, they will start dropping like flies as they are doing AS WE SPEAK. As proud devil worshiping atheist when their GOD dies they die unlike over 95% of Ethiopians who are either Christians or Muslims who believe in a God that will never die and is full of hope and positive outlook no matter how desire/painful/sorrowful the situation is and it is a God that rewards honesty/truthfulness/empathy/selflessness/hard work/industriousness and allow/help its believers to whether suffering/poverty/hard times of all sorts and come out of it being smarter, humble, stronger and richer.

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