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The United States is considering to relax its tough approach to Eritrea


by Dawit Hailu

In Dec. 2009 Eritrea was sanctioned by the United Nations for supporting al-Shabaab and for refusing to settle a border dispute with Djibouti. United States has been the main factor for the policy result that harshly affected the newborn country in the horn of Africa.

Recently an organization called Atlantic Council that is established to promote constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs, released research based report entitled as “Eritrea: Coming in from the Cold “.

Deputy Director of Africa Center in Atlantic Council, Brownyn Bruton who released the paper conversed by seeing Eritrea as a United States’ strategic country in the horn of Africa.

Brownyn, emphasized in the research, questionably, is the fact that United States will not benefit from its existing policy on Eritrea and paradigm shift along the lines of improving relation with Eritrea is of crucial to the United States.

Some politicians who are aware of horn’s politics and scholars are considering the paper as a blue print for the incoming Trump administration to change relations with Eritrea.

It is known that after years of examination by the United Nations Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group (UNSEMG) have yielded no proof that Eritrea continues to be involved in Somalia, and the Djibouti conflict is mediated by Qatar.

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