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The Top Five Implications Drawn From Ukraine Accidentally Bombing Poland

Ukraine accidentally bombed Poland on Tuesday evening after one of its air defense missiles malfunctioned and crashed into that NATO member’s territory. Instead of taking responsibility for this embarrassing mishap and opportunistically spinning it to beg for more modern systems from the West, Kiev falsely claimed that Russia was responsible and then even jumped the shark by accusing all those who think otherwise – which later turned out to include Biden – of being “Russian propagandists”.

Here’s a brief rundown of the top five implications to emerge from this fiasco:

* Ukraine’s Air Defenses Are Outdated

The US-led Western Mainstream Media (MSM) falsely claimed that Ukraine has been able to effectively thwart Russia’s increasingly intense strikes, yet that narrative was just exposed as a lie after one of its outdated missiles malfunctioned midair and then accidentally crashed into Poland.

* NATO Knew The Truth This Whole Time

CNN reported that an unnamed NATO official informed them that one of this anti-Russian alliance’s aircraft had tracked the wayward missile before it hit the bloc’s Polish member, which means that they knew the truth about what happened this whole time, hence why they didn’t immediately bomb Russia.

* Kiev Had No Qualms About Lying Through Its Teeth

Despite being responsible for this accident and knowing fully well that NATO was aware of the truth about what happened, Kiev still had no qualms about lying through its teeth out of desperation to cover everything up and advance its own interests related to escalating the Ukrainian Conflict.

 * The US Didn’t Appreciate Kiev’s Anti-Russian Conspiracy Theory

Biden’s strong rebuke of Kiev’s anti-Russian conspiracy theory falsely alleging that Moscow was responsible for this accident shows that he didn’t appreciate it, namely because it dangerously risked escalating the conflict to World War III, absent which NATO’s Article 5 would have been discredited.

* The West Might Soon Become Reluctant To Continue Fueling This Proxy War

Kiev’s dangerous conspiracy theory that risked provoking a nuclear apocalypse completely discredited it, which when coupled with rumored talks between Russia and the US over de-escalating this proxy war, might result in the West becoming reluctant to continue fueling it and thus withholding modern arms.

A few words will now round out the analysis.

Kiev’s conspiracy-driven propaganda aimed at sparking World War III was done out of politically self-interested desperation, completely failed, and actually served to be counterproductive to its cause. The US is upset for several reasons, not least of which is that its proxy’s false claims risk discrediting NATO’s Article 5 after America decided not to attack Russia. That’s not to hint that it’ll dump Ukraine anytime soon, but just that trust between them is clearly fraying, which could lead to surprising consequences.

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