The Top 10 Reasons People Stay In Unhappy Marriages

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The Huffington Post | By Brittany Wong
One in four married couples are only staying together for the kids’ sake and plan to divorce once they’re grown, a new survey from a UK law firm suggests.
Of the 2,000 respondents — all of whom were married parents — 18 percent had a specific date in mind to end their relationship. More than a third of respondents said they simply had too much to lose to get divorced right now.
Why else do unhappily married couples stay together? See the infographic below for the top 10 reasons.
Divorce why


  1. the wife refuses intimacy and uses sex as a weapon to hurt the husband by refusing to share intimate moments. in this case the man is trapped. he has a wife but the wife refuses to have sex with him. should he seek sex from anywhere else or what can he do. it is sin to commit adultery. the husband is the one who suffers most.

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