The Tigray people Liberation Front (TPLF) Genocide of The Amara People


25 Years of Ethiopians Suffering: The Tigray people Liberation Front (TPLF) Genocide of The Amara People

by Haileeysus Adamu Akalu(BSc,MPH,MSc),
Researcher and Public Health Specialist 25 Years of Ethiopians Suffering
Pre TPLF Historically, Ethiopia was ruled by successive emperors and kings, with a feudal system of government. In 1974 the military took over the reins of rule by force and administered the country until May 1991. Currently, the former guerrilla group have been ruled the country with absolute dictatorship and its administrative system is ethnic based federalism… Read Full Story in PDF

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  1. How can we Ethiopians trust your lies ? we had heard such same lies before in the past ? I do not think this propaganda is working, try something else.

  2. currently, TPlf are intensifying the killing AND EVICTION OF AMHARAS FROM THEIR LAND IN Wolkayit, Setit, Tegede, Telemt, and North Wollo regions. we condemn these attrocities and support the struggle of the people in these regions for their quest for freedom . down with tplf fascists

  3. It is not TPLF the organization who is comitting the genocide. It is the Tigrian TPLF members who are comitting a genocide in Amharas and a mass murder and incarceration on Oromos.
    Tigrians have never protest the crimes TPLF Nazi Agazi forces comitting on Oromos and other Ethiopians but when Ethiopians complaining about Tigre Agazi forces every Tigre will come out to attack Ethiopians
    The future Ethiopia should by any means include these vicious and selfish Banda people there is nothing we got from this Snake people except loosing our Historical port ASSB

  4. @Ahmed,
    Are you Islsmist terrorist ? Not only Tplf, we all Ethiopians do not like Islsmist terrorists.

  5. @ Ahmed u r so fucked up! tigre aydelehum gin tigre guadegnoch alugn, n i know them better tha u do. hulum tigre eyalk atatalan. am oromo by ma father’s birthplace but Ethiopian in blood. still Amhara through ma mother’s vein. banda eko lemehon biher ayasfelgim, rather endate wegenun yalaweke chinkilat bicha. that won’t help our unification. minim bitelan or bitelachew whether u like it or not we r ur FAMILY!

    we Ethiopians love heroes/Tigres, because they are heroes.

  7. please let me tell you something
    the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the lord
    what ever you are you have to afraid of God. you have to remember or i need you to know something our God need us to be together not he did`t say that accept racism and
    you are lying to billions of peoples i don`t know how can forgive you.
    Tigray peoples are not killer they are poor peoples they are trying to find daily food
    what ever to know about them go and check there after that you will have some clue about them
    please try to know what God will ask you next

  8. We are clear about you and your website. You did nothing for the country. you have no TRUE history. You were constructed on FALSE history. Now, you are going to your position down. Without any TRUE base. With FALSE history. You will see the tine is coming for Ethiopian to write their history. You are now on the beginning. We are now on the beginning to develop culture, and language. Then comes writing each own history. Each history beginning thousand years registered and documented.

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