‘The Struggle of the Oromo People & Its Movement’ | Audio

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(Blog Talk Radio) — Join “Africa On The Move,’ as we engage in a ‘live’ Pan-African discussion on ‘The Struggle of the Oromo Peoople & Its Movement.’ Members of the Oromo’s Movement will share their realities on what is happening to their people inside Ethiopia and Africa ….Why are there mass killings within their community?
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  1. The peoples of Ethiopia have been sitting down for a long time. Now they are rising all over. Why are they rising? They are rising from all corners because in the name of foreign investment they are being displaced, dispossessed and misplaced and made misfit. The scramble for Africa is back again. King Leopold is here again. All peoples of African ancestry must unite and resist the scramble. The impostors who are installed to rule us must be replaced by leaders committed for Africans emancipation.

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