From an Ethiopian source

“l’ve heard from different people, from different parts of the Amhara region, of the slaughter of ENDF soldiers that’s taking place pretty much on a daily basis. People join the army in the absence of any other employment, often just to get fed.

There are reliable accounts of young people getting forcibly recruited. They get 3 months training and are then deployed to areas which greatly favour Fano ambush and sniping tactics. The EU and German Ambassadors continue to parrot their support for the Ethiopian government’s reform agenda.

Hundreds of thousands of people are deployed in non-productive activities – in the military – and are getting killed while doing so.

Precious forex is wasted in the procurement of arms. Businesses have to deal with suffocating bureaucracy and corruption.

And still the EU supports “the reforms”!”

As the second largest ethnic group the Oromo, and also the southern ethnic groups, are particularly vulnerable as cannon fodder and have been so throughout the war.

The education minister, Berhanu Nega, has presided over the worst pass rate for decades – only 3% of school graduates achieved a pass, this is a deliberate ploy to facilitate army recruitment, as students have virtually no other option.