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The solidarity message to current popular uprising in Ethiopia

Afar People’s Party

The current popular uprising in Ethiopia indicates that the country is in a grave political crisis. The determinants for the ongoing turmoil are social injustice and the politics of marginalization implemented by the ruling EPRDFs minority regime. The unremitting Oromo protest has been going for nine months, and this torch for justice is now burning all over Ethiopia and most recently in Gonder and elsewhere. The civilian popular quest for justice and equality has been retorted by bullet and many of our Ethiopian brothers has been massacred.

250px-Ethiopia_Afar_locatorAfar People’s Party is alarmed by gross human rights violation and the deteriorating security situation in the country. Although less reported, the Afars are also the victim of EPRDFs wrong policy such as land grabbing, socio-political marginalization and extrajudicial killings. Hence, Afar People’s Party would like to express its solidarity with our Oromo, Ogaden and Amhara brothers. We believe that the prices we pay, the sufferings we endure and the quest for freedom are our common grounds, therefore we are standing by your side.

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On this occasion,

  • we call upon all the peoples of Ethiopia to defy the divide and rule policy of the regime and stand together in their struggle for democratic change and peaceful coexistence;
  • We call up on all opposition groups to come together and act immediately to alleviate the looming crisis the country is facing;
  • We call up on Afar people to protect all Ethiopians living in the Afar Region from being attacked and harassed by the regimes military forces and their watchdogs;
  • We call up on EU and USA to revisit their foreign policies towards the regime in Addis Ababa, and take necessary measures in order to have a stable Horn of Africa.

Long live the struggle for freedom!
Afar People’s Party

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