The Secret Agreement between the British and TPLF on Andargachew Tsige

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TPLF led government announced the detention of Andargachew Tsigie after it struck a deal with UK government that it will not upheld the death sentence rendered in abstencia and it also promised that the British government could provide its ”citizen” counselor support! This is very unsettling deal as the UK government gave TPLF led government carte blanche to do whatever it wants with him as long it didn’t carry out the death sentence. In the last two weeks, the Ethiopian opposition icon went through various torture methods ranging from sleep deprevation to chemically induced pains to break the spirit of the Ethiopian opposition icon. Such practices were routinely used by former East German secrete police know as –STASI-.

As it is well known, Derge regime built its security apparatus with the help of East Germans and TPLF led government kept the department intact and untill this day , it uses all those inhuman tactics to break the spirit of opposition figures who fell in its merciless hands. 

TPLF government is in the process of producing a documentary film on Andargachew Tsgie and its findings from his laptop and interrogation carried out under duress! The documentry will be utilized to target many opposition figures. It has already started detaining many opposition figures claiming that it has acquired evidences from Andargachew laptop that they were communicating with G7 leadership!

Going forward, what is expected from Ethiopians to reverse UK government’s discreet deal with TPLF government on Andargachew Tsegie during his detention?

• Ethiopians in UK should immediately hire heavy weight lawyers to levy charge against UK government for failing to uphold the rights of its citizen in good standing. UK has 300 million pound leverage on TPLF led government and its failure to exercise such leverage to save its own citizen is morally and legally wrong and only heavy weight lawyers could bring the government to its knees. The cost involved is very hefty and Ethiopians worldwide should shoulder the responsibility of footing the bill!!

• In addition to holding demonstrations in front of UK and Yemeni government embassies and councils, all participants should at least make numerous calls and faxes to those offices to create chaotic work environment. This type of protest has been proven to be more effective than holding a simple chanting demonstrations!!


  1. Why are you surprised?
    The Tigra king conspired with the British against Emperior Tewodros and Ethiopia. Now to pay back the British handed Andargachew for the occopaying Tigra government.
    Woyane isn’t Ethiopian.

    • That is true. But the stupid Dergu didn’t warn his army and the Ethiopian people about these mercenary people. They wanted Tigray republic, but when they realized they could colonize us so they did exactly that.

  2. Off course the British are known for being back stabbers. What do we expect frm them. Instead I think it is better to unit and remove our enemy ourselves.

  3. Well British could co operate with woyane, how ever G7 should know who they deal with regardless political difference, work with Ethiopian people, remember the son of Tewedrose Alemayehu was asking qeen Elizabet
    to go back to his home land the response was no: then alemayehu was dead shortly after the refusal of his retern!!
    Andargachew is British cetzine after his captivity they gave woyane 300million pound to economical development tell me what is going on…..

  4. ለዚህ ነው ነጮችን አትመኑ የምንለው እስኪ ይታያችሁ ወያኔን በመቃውም 30 ሰልፍ ተደረገ የመጣ ለውጥ ቀርቶ አንድም ነጭ በመግለጫ ደረጃ እንኮዋን ሲያወግዛቸው አይሰማም በመለሰ ጨናዊ ቀጥተኛ ትዛዝ 200 ሰው ባደባባይ ሲረሸን እያዪ ምንም ያላሉ ሰዎች ናቸው። እባካችሁ ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ማድረጉ ቀርቶ ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ የምታደርጉበትን ሳአት ሰርታችሁ በገንዘብ ተቃዋሚዎችን እርዱ በስራ ብቻ አድርጉት ጮሆቱ ምንም ፋይዳ እንደለለው ከዚህ በላይ ማስረጃ የልውም። ሞት ለእንግሊዝ ሞት ለአሜሪካ ሞት ለወያኔ ሞት ለሻብያ።

  5. Woyanne. Face the last cup. You badly called for it.
    May the days in living he’ll for you be longer. You fall knocks at your door, and the fates of he’ll are yawning to close their mighty jaws on you!!!
    Here your last days!!! Preston! Death at your doorsteps. Bye

  6. OK, I heard all this balah balah !!!!
    I am one of supporters of the legal patriotic opposition, but, I was heart broken, when I heard , that this you called icon of our opposition
    was going to our enemy number one: Issias Afewerki. Yesterday, I used to believe that he is my leader and hero !!! Today, he is my number one enemy. Because,there is evidence that he conspired with Eritrean government. I don’t like Wayanis but when it comes to Eritrean government and their made badger Issias Aferwerki, Me and Wayanis will be one united as Ethiopians.
    We must forget and drop what is between us ” Habasha”, when we see a traitor like this man, who is working foreign enemy, who wants to put fire in our land and make it like Somalia. This is working with somebody don’t care wether you are Tigree,Amhara, Oromo or Guraage, his intentions is not to move Wayani but to destroy and kill all Ethiopian and stop our developement and unity. Issias Aferwerki is very dangerous man , who destroyed his country and now hate all Ethiopians including this Andergachew Tiseg himself.
    Long life Ethiopia,
    Victory for Abyssinia forever.

  7. Well, I hate to say that this is the beginning. If we continue as we are having so many narrow minded opposition group leaders and every body wantng his way; whatever is their agenda such as Independence or or God knows. Believe me we are not going anywhere. If we continue going in the same path as we did for the last twenty three years; I assure you that TPLF is going to be in power and rule us by dividing us unless there is an internal power struggle among themselves. We need to abolish all the so called party and have one united front under the flag with an equal number of representative of each party and form one army and political party to lead the movement and later let the people decide the kind of government; not what we have know a a ploetical party based of tribe. We need to stop to look out for someone beside us to solve our problem; because nothing good will come out of it and we are paying the price now for their doing of the past.I am fed up to hear about EPRP, GINBOT 7, OLF OROMO LIBERATION FRONT and others so on. We need to abolish all the existing political parties and have only one and one arm struggle front; we have to learn to compromise, to disagree and agree; otherwise we are better of of do nothing actually that is what we are doing. Let us learn from others and our mistakes; if we can’t we deserve TPLF. Let us wake up and see what is going around us and European try to unite we are going backward and we struggle to divide. We need to stand as one nation and as one people of the same agenda and under one flag.
    Long Live Ethiopia.

  8. Ethiopians must always remember that Britain, has been the enemy of Ethiopia and Ethiopians for centuries due to her failure to colonise Ethiopia. Now she is using the bloody sons of the bandas. But one day Ethiopia shall be free. Britain remains the historical enemy of Ethiopia.
    Teh Ethiopian shall not forget. Britain will never be friend of Ethiopia.

    Dont be surprised, I am not a tigre as my name on top implies but I was given that name by a tigre man who claimed to be my step father and at last I kick his ass the day I found out that his is a merciless guriella who abducted so many kids from prison like me. I was prisoned at the age of 17 at the time I confronted the so called step father after he lied to explain to me where my mam is. I know he is behind the dissapperance of my mam, for the fact that the majority of tigrians have such common atrocities against innocent Ethiopians, see what is happening to the different ethiopian Jornalists and a week before to Mr. Andargachew tsige. This is not about politics but humanity. How can we trust the woyane when the kill thousands of people of whom they didnt show us a single evidence. at least ,tell us one truth and talk million lies but you woyane are full of lies.Please Ethiopians, let us be ready and take action against those like Sebehat Nega not on Hailemariam Desalegn who is blind folded. We all know that there is a time limit for every thing and i wish there will come a time to see Sebhat crying. Please Tigrians, advice your baby minded Sebehat to stay far incase of such hard times for I dont want to see his kids hurted. I really have respect for sisters and brothers not to their ass hole dads.NOTE THAT – THIS CASE DOESNT INCLUDE VERY FEW TIGRIANS WHO ARE REALLY KIND AND HUMAN.

  10. a day will come for woyanes to be succesfull like Gaddafi of Libiya whose dead body was at last left on the road side

  11. we have to line a border b/n opposition to the gov’t and to the country. he is enemy of the country since making alliance with the most threatening enemies of ethiopia, egypt and sha’abia. by swearing an oath he confirmed his loyality to britain not to ethiopia. he can not hide behind the nationality granted by the rich british to instabiliz the poor ethiopia.

  12. Er Gobez Eskmechw bewyany entafen alen. Week up my pepole there is No another day for woyane it is the time to stand together for our enemi..
    I am one of Andargahew Tige or G7

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