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The Second Round Massacre of Sidama People by Meles Zenawi and Hailemariam Desalegn

1. YET ANOTHER Massacre of Sidama people of Ethiopia BY MELES ZENAWI AND HAILEMARIAM DESALEGN has begun.

The second round of the massacre of innocent people of Sidama in Ethiopia started a week ago. However, the first massacre of about 100 innocent people of Sidama took place at a village called Loqqe in Hawassa at about midday on Friday 24th May 2002. The killing of Sidama people went on throughout the day and the bodies were dumped at Hawassa Health Centre compound and the Police station. Other bodies were collected from the maize plot in Hawassa. The main architects of the massacre were Bereket Simon and Hailemariam Desalegn with direct instruction and approval by Meles Zenawi. The following personalities took the pleasure of finalising and authorising the massacre of Sidama people on that day, 10 years ago:
•Bereket Simon, Hailemariam Desalegn , Abadula Gamada, Mulugeta Alemseged, Tadesse Kassa and Melesse Marimo.

It’s very sad to learn that none of them have been held accountable to date and brought before the International Criminal Court (ICC). At the time, under the European and other international pressure, the Prime Minster did promise to set up an inquiry into the massacre. However, as it can be expected, the massacre of Sidama people has been swept under the carpet by the Prime Minister Meles and his cronies.

2. Current massacre of innocent Sidama people – June 2012, Round 2.

The Ethiopian regime has started the 2nd round of massacre of innocent Sidama people in all nineteen districts in Sidama zone. The killing started at a Chuko town, on the main road to Dilla town, and the nearby villages and spread to Aleta Wondo town by the 22nd June 2012. According to the sources from the area, two people were reported dead and seven wounded by the Federal government special forces sent to 19 districts in Sidama to carryout killings. In addition, according to the report, the grieving relatives were not allowed to take the bodies and bury them.

3. Nineteen Woredas (districts) of Sidama Zone are currently occupied by the Federal Special Killing Forces of the Federal government of Ethiopia :

The innocent Sidama people are fearful for their lives. The Sidama people are surrounded and forced not to move about by the Special Forces which are currently granted shoot to kill authority by the government. The Woredas such as Aleta Wondo, Yirgalem, Bensa, Harbegona, Chuko, Arroresa, etc are facing harsh treatments by the Special Forces.

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