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“The pressure to open a corridor through western Tigray is unacceptable.” says NDRMC commissioner

Getahun Tsegaye
August 3, 2021

Mitiku Kassa, National Disaster Risk Management Commissioner.

“The pressure to open a corridor through western Tigray is unacceptable,”  Mitiku Kassa, National Disaster Risk Management Commissioner told a local news outlet today.

According to the report, the NRDC noted that ‘some Westerners and their institutions’  are pushing for the opening of a corridor through western Tigray to provide assistance to those in need of humanitarian assistance. Assistance is being provided to the people of Tigray by the federal government and Afar State, he said.

Mitiku told the local newspaper that in particular that the TPLF, which has been engaged in battles with special forces of the Amhara and Afar regions and according to him in defiance of the government’s ceasefire, has seized more than 170 vehicles carrying aid to Tigray State.

He accused ‘some Western countries and their institutions’ of taking advantage of this opportunity to request the opening of a corridor through Western Tigray to transport  aid through Sudan.

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“Even though some Western countries and their institutions insisted for such additional corridor openings,  the government has strong positions that the Djibouti line is sufficient to provide assistance to the needy and that it will not open any more corridors,” the commissioner stated.

This commissioner’s comments come as repeated requests by international humanitarian organizations to open a humanitarian corridor via sudan. A demand also echoed by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a group designated as terrorist by the House of People’s Representatives.



  1. The games are clear. The intentions of Western powers are balkanization of bigger states for fragmentation into smaller states that can easily be enslaved. The intention of Sudan and Egypt are to destabilise the Country in order to control Blue Nile. The TPLF is a puppet for those powers for its own sinister motives. The Tigray people are caught in the middle.

    The way out is to ensure a) good access to food aid through Afar, in order to remove the above sinister motives; and b) bring peace and stability in the Region.

  2. Subject: “The pressure to open a corridor through western Tigray is unacceptable.” says NDRMC commissioner

    Author: Dr. Getahun Tsegaye

    Commentator: Dr. Bekele Gessese

    A Reader’s Reaction
    I salute the two gentlemen above for their sharp, incisive and to the point commentaries. The material of the two gentlemen is simply superb. They have proved, beyond a shadow of doubt, that it is NOT the number of words that matters but the QUALITY of words that are utilized.

    I hope, their commentaries will ignite logical realities of the situation for the best outcome in one of the oldest independent countries in the entire world. — ETHIOPIA. THE END, WITH HOPE.

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