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October 2, 2021
Tegenaw Goshu

Whenever I try to visit various websites and other media, I read and hear the politics of complaining and crying about the biased and heavy-handed intervention by internal or external actors. I read this morning a very brief piece of writing with the question When the Secretary General of the UN will get seriously concerned about what is happening in Ethiopia? The writer tied to strengthen his or her views by quoting Andargachew Tsgie.

Here is my take in brief:

Well, questioning and challenging the views and positions of a person or an organization in any we believe, and we think is the right thing to do so.

But blaming or condemning somebody else without courageously questioning and challenging our own political stupidity and moral degradation is very ugly if not nonsensical.

why don’t we ask ourselves why we miserably and repeatedly failed to stick with the very idea of bringing about a change of fundamental democratic system from the very beginning?

Why we from the beginning terribly allowed ourselves to be fooled and misled by the politically infantile, narcissist, disingenuous, cold-blooded heart, stupidly hypocritic, twisty deceiving, etc. prime minister who grew up with an indoctrination of a very toxic and deadly politics of ethnic identity?

Why we allowed ourselves to be fooled and taken to a very wrong direction by those politicians of EPRDF who had nothing to stand for a democratic change but for the very sake of their own internal fight on the very question of who should control the deadly politics of ethnic identity and exploit all the merger resources of the country?

Why we stupidly failed to take corrective measures for the past three years?

Why individuals such as Andargachew Tsegie threw themselves from their high political and moral ground all the way down to the very deep valley of very self-disgraceful and embarrassing political and moral personality?

Do individuals such as Andargachew have any political and moral capacity to blame others whereas they themselves aligned with a political system of crime-infested for more than three years and continued to stick with a very toxic and dangerous faction (the politics of Oromuma) and with those dead political animals of the so-called Amhara Prosperity (the fake name for ANM/BEADEN)? Are they not political animals who terribly sold out their long time and well-gained political performances in a very rapid and totally embarrassing manner?

What did individuals such as Andargachew and Prof. Berhanu did for the past three years and what are they doing now? Were they not and are they not the very disgraceful and embarrassing political animals as far as their own very downward political and moral journey is concerned?

Why don’t we ask ourselves why we miserably and repeatedly failed to stick with the very idea of bringing about a fundamental democratic change from the very beginning?   why we stupidly failed to take corrective measures in between?

Are we carefully observing how many so-called opposition (Abyi told them to call themselves competitors) did not take time to accept and “enjoy” Abyi’s generous invitation to join his “new and historic formation” of government and be beneficiaries of all crime- driven advantages at the very expenses of the untold sufferings of the people?

Did we seriously observe even politicians such as the Amhara National Movement who had a relatively good for something are now silently getting ready to join the same crime-infested and deadly political system of three decades, and to be called “honorable members” of either reginal or federal law-making bodies and executive branch of government? Is this not painfully sad? Absolutely it is!!!

Do we really ask ourselves about the very concerning challenge of difficulties to find many religious leaders and preachers who unwaveringly stand for truth and live for what they teach and preach?

Do we really ask ourselves why and how we have a very tough challenge to find many elderly compatriots who courageously try to play an appropriate and valuable role in the very process of the struggle to bring about a democratic, just and prosperous society?

Do we honestly try to understand why and how our religious and cultural heritages and values are becoming parts and parcels of the very dirty and deadly political system we have gone through for three decades and continued to go through with no any productive and reliable exit to a system we are aspiring?

I could go on and on and on. But it is quite enough just to show how our very political culture and behavior of blaming and condemning others whereas we ourselves terribly and stupidly failed to take care of our homework and become the true and honest challengers of the unnecessary or unwanted intervention of others. I should not be a prophet or fortune or infortune teller to say that unless we try hard to get out of this very self-damaging vicious cycle of doing politics as soon as possible, decrying the interventions of others as if it is a new international political and diplomatic phenomenon is totally nonsensical!!!


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  1. Tegenaw/Hagos wrote his usual garbage and trying to defend TPLF and Getachew Reda’s comment about Anthony Gutierrez the UN chief and hurling his foolish insults against the majority of Ethiopians. As I mentioned in my previous comments, Tegenaw Goshu is suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder and his hateful views are venomous and his flawed perceptions are out of touch. He thinks he is the only savior of TPLF and swims against the current to point his dirty fingers at those who are trying to do the right thing for their country. Ethiopians are on the eve of celebration to welcome the first democratically elected government following the prosperity party that won the election overwhelmingly and took the Ethiopian people about 40 million majority votes is to appoint its legitimate prime minister of Ethiopia in less than 24 hours. As it is expected, the traitors TPLF, Tegenaw Goshu, and Getachew Reda went mad and erratic and continues to throw mud and showing to the world their utmost rudeness when they throw their vile slurs at anything Ethiopian. Fortunately, we all know that their frustration and agony couldn’t reverse the situation on the ground a bit and Ethiopians are saying “The dogs’ bark, but the caravan moves on”.

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