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The people of Guji, South Ethiopia, demand MIDROC Gold out of their land | ESAT

(ESAT) — People in Guji Zone, an area in south Ethiopia known for its rich mineral wealth are demanding MIDROC Gold, a mining company owned by Ethiopian born Saudi tycoon, Mohammed Al Amoudi, to leave their land.
Elders from the Guji community who spoke to ESAT on the phone said they are demanding that MIDROC Gold which has been looting their precious resource for the last 25 years should leave their land as it had done nothing to benefit the local community.
Protesters are staging a rally day and night in an area locally known as Udo Shakiso Ukuto and it would continue till their demands are met, the elders told ESAT. The elders said the people are demanding for their rights be respected and for the release of those detained by the regime.
The Federal police meanwhile arrested over one hundred protesters, according to the elders.

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