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The outdated Tigre People Liberation Front (TPLF) fired five top warlords

Seyoum Mesfin,


The Horn Times Breaking News March 21, 2013.

Panicking and in state of collapse, one of Africa’s criminal political organizations, the TPLF has fired four top genocidal warlords who are wanted by the people of Ethiopia for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed since May 1991.

All four who played a crucial role in creating the world’s brutal apartheid state in east Africa and accused of building Tigrai republic, the home province of TPLF with skin, flesh and bones of oppressed Ethiopians; are expected to flee the country dreading the total collapse of the party which provides all warlords with protection from prosecution.

According to unconfirmed reports received by the Horn Times, the fourth warlord shown the door was little known gnome Zeraye Asgedom.

Master of hate speech and feeble minded TPLF rhetorician, the frail old curmudgeon Sibehat Nega was also rumoured to have been eliminated by emerging group of TPLF king makers.

All five rapacious warlords are ethnic Tigres who defiantly practiced ethnic apartheid for 21 years without blush and flayed Ethiopia to transform their home province in to great economic success. They were part of the junta which suppressed the demands of Ethiopians by brute force instead of clearing them up by a reasoned reply.

Since the death of the ferocious tyrant Meles Zenawi, there has been talk of divisions in the TPLF camp but no one expected Arkebe ouqubay to be on the losing side of the deadly power struggle.

However, in the absence of strong opposition group to capitalize on the slip up of the aging and divided junta, the TPLF will definitely keep a tight grip on Ethiopia for some time to come.

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