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The Oslo Noble Prize Awardee Denied the Christian and Amara Genocide in Ethiopia​


By Belayneh Abate

For long, the Oslo Noble Peace Prize has been thrown like toys to people who have little value to  human life. History reminds us that Hitler was nominated for Oslo’s Noble Peace Prize in 1939.[1] In 1991,  Aung San Suu Kyi won the noble prize but as we speak her government is  accused of ethnic cleansing  of the Rohingya minorities in Myanmar.[2]

In 2019, Oslo awarded the Noble Peace prize to Abiy Ahmed, the chairman of the notorious criminal organization, the Ethiopian People’s Democratic Front(EPRDF). Now Abiy’s government is flatly denying  and concealing the  intensified Amara and Christian genocides in  Ethiopia.

Abiy’s government is denying the genocide of Christians and Amaras despite the overwhelming available evidences, the continued deep anguish, and bloody tears  of the mourning genocide survivors in dark clothes.  According to genocide watch, denial is the final stage of genocide. [3]

For thousands of years, Ethiopia was a role model for peaceful co-existence of different ethnic and religious groups. This peaceful coexistence has been severely threated and, in some instance, shattered since Zenawi’s and Ahmed’s EPRDF came down from Hell 30 years ago. Although the world paid no attention to it, systematic ethnic cleansing and genocide has been the norm for decades. The Amara and Christian genocides have been intensified  since Abiy Ahmed took power two years ago.

In the country where the famous historian Herodotus called the land of  just men,  we have heard and seen the gruesome slaughtering of Amaras and Christians of other ethnic groups  in the southern, Eastern, Western and Central Ethiopia. Ethiopians and part of the world population have learned that the barbarian killers were shouting “get out Amara”, get out neftegna (a code for Amara), get out orthodox Christians while they were killing the martyrs they identified prior to the killings. These heinous barbarians  murdered even a nine-month pregnant women in front of her children shouting, “kill the  unborn and the would be Christian.” How further can genocide go  beyond the killing of unborn child based on his possible future identity? [3-10]

When the barbarians were slaughtering the unborn babies, children, pregnant women, the youth and the elderly, Abiy Ahmed’s government local administrators  and security forces were watching idly  and, in some instances, reportedly participating in the killings. When the barbarians burned  the businesses and houses of citizens in Shashemene following the lists they compiled, they first controlled the gas stations to have unrestricted access for petroleum they used to ignite the fires. The local administrates and security forces did nothing to stop the burning of the residences and business centers of the victims. These evidences confirm the already established  facts that genocides do not occur without direct or indirect participation of local, regional or central governments. [3-10]

Abiy Ahmed’s central government, his ethnic regional and local government rulers  are now flatly denying genocide to complete the tenth stage of genocide and to insert sharp spears in the broad wounds of the genocide survivors and our conscience.

Just like the other genocide- denier governments in history, these ruthless Abiy Ahmed’s government  have started it futile attempt to destroy the evidences of genocides.  The central, regional, and local rulers are intimidating  genocide survivors  not to talk about their ordeals and forcing witness not to give information to the local and international medias.

Furthermore, they are  incarcerating courageous and historical journalists that exposed  the genocides. No doubt these courageous incarcerated journalists will be rewarded on earth and in heaven when justice prevails as those timid and liar journalists who cover up the genocides will be cursed  in history and the coming generations.

As it happened during the Jewish Holocaust, the actors of the genocides are not the only heartless people who are flatly denying the full-blown Amara and Christian genocides. Siding with Abiy Ahmed’s government, many disgruntled individuals are shamefully denying these genocides. Furthermore, many radio and television stations, websites, newspapers, magazines, and websites are also denying these genocides either through intentional cover ups, or through dereliction of duties.

It is an unavoidable responsibility of this generation to make the primary actors, collaborators and genocide deniers  face national and international justice. This responsibility should not be left to the next generations as it happened to the current generation of the Armenians.

In the meantime, the genocide survivors need physical, mental, and emotional support to mitigate their sufferings from  post-traumatic syndromes. Children who have seen their parents slaughtered like Easter lambs and dragged on streets like tree branches will never have a normal life. Parents who have seen their children beheaded and denied  timely burials will never live  healthily lives. Therefore, the genocide victims shall receive timely justice, and the genocide survivors should get strong assistance from the public, Churches, Mosques, psychiatrists and psychologists.

Ethiopians and the people of the world please stop being the habitual spectators of genocides in Ethiopia and make grave historical mistakes. The continued  Amara and Christian genocides require independent international investigation as soon as possible. The Amaras and Christians in the regions of genocide should be provided with their God given rights and  arms to organize and defend themselves.

Stop the Amara and Christian Genocide now!

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August 12, 2020



  1. This type of bold misinformation is as old as politics itself but you might as well include the mosque burning, the Muslim and Oromo Genocide? Is that forgotten too? Are not their blood as important as the Oromo Christians and amaras? Thank you.

  2. Abiy is Amara and Christian so this article does not make sense.

    In terms of the atrocities how does this compare to your genocide? Atrocities, 1976 – 1985 Violence perpetrated by the government was conducted in collaboration with urban and rural dweller’s associations (kebeles), which had their own detention centers…” a minimum of 60,000 deaths for the period 1974 – 1985. This combines the commonly cited figure of 10,000 – 20,000 people killed as part of the Red Terror, acknowledging that the dearth of data, particularly from areas outside of Addis Ababa. It further includes an estimated 50,000 additional deaths directly resulting from government policy of forced resettlement during the famine in Tigray. The best minimal estimate of fatalities in Addis Ababa during the Red Terror is 10,000… Reports from Amnesty, Reuters, the Derg, survivors, and daily and nightly death rates for an estimate of 150,000 deaths. Overall, estimates suggest that 275,000 – 367,000 people died in the famine. Additionally, 80,000 out of the 100,000 who died in camps should be added to the overall fatality figure. Half of those deaths can be attributed to human rights abuses committed by the government; the Derg’s military strategies caused the famine to hit one year earlier than it would have had the drought been the sole cause, and their policies caused it to spread to other regions and increase migration… the number who died as a result of government abuses between 225,000 and 317,000. Death rates during resettlement were six times the normal rate, while death rates during the famine were only three-and-a-half times the normal rate. Adding deaths caused by people trying to escape resettlement, as well as the fact that those resettled tended to be least vulnerable, with few elderly or children..a minimum estimate of 50,000 people killed specifically because of the resettlement figure, which is also the low estimate.

    How is that in comparison to your genocide that Abiy never ordered despite your false instance.

  3. so called bement, perhaps pente friend of abiy

    Who said Christians do not commit genocide. Do not you know Hitler was a Christian and half jew by blood? Moron!

    First know the definition of Genocide and start to comment. Derg killed its political opponents across the board, not christians and Amaras in particular. Derg never killed a pregnant women because she was Amara or any other race.

    Sooner or later your God Abiy ahmed will face justice. It is a matter of time. Non-sense.

  4. በእምነት,
    After reading your above statement:
    “Abiy is Amara and Christian so this article does not make sense.”
    Well. I researched to see if a Christian or Christians were involved in Rwanda genocide, I was stunned to find out that not only common Christian, but an Evangelical pastor and his son were involved in ethnic cleansing:

    Have you ever been ripped off, mistreated, discriminated by Bible waving Christian/s, even by Born Again Christian/s? I have. By the way, I happen to be a Christian.
    (No body is perfect).

  5. Nessannett-1st,

    Sorry papa, but not everyone is created equal. No one can fool me. I am too street smart to be coned especially by a Born Again Christian. But the main point is that we’re sure the person who ripped off is not Abiy. So keep your facts straight.

  6. በእምነት,
    In the first place, I don’t know where you got the information that Abeye considers himself as an Amhara. We know that his mother is an Amhara and his father is an Oromo. It is my understanding that Abeye regards himself as an Oromo, and he is a member of OPDO, now called PP. In any case, I honestly don’t care what ethnic group or religion Abeye belongs to. I just yearn for a selfless, honest, caring, unbiased, God fearing decent person to unite and lead our motherland, that has gone through he** and back for almost 50 years.

    You addressed me as Papa — is that supposed to be bad? Lol!
    Ronald Reagan to his much younger opponent Mondel:
    “I want you to know that also I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”

  7. Nessannett-1st,

    No papa, I disagree with you. I know Abiy. We both share the same ancestry. Our mothers are Amhara and our fathers are Oromo (and Christian). He is also a Muslim. How can you say Abiy does not care about his mother or Amara blood? That’s an insult of the highest order. Sorry but not everyone is a tribalist and sadistic like you. Unless you’re speaking about the born-again guy who ripped you off our Abiy does not share your view. Thank you.

  8. I hear you በእምነት. Indeed, these people it is what they are “tribalist and sadistic.” It one breath claims Abiy is one thing and not another, in another breath claims he does not care what Abiy is. Really? Then why bother to bring it up at all especially about someone’s mother? It’s so un-Ethiopian and weird. In addition to “tribalist and sadistic.” I would add callous, bestial, perverted and cruel. There is nothing wrong of being a proud Oromo, a proud Amara and a proud Ethiopian. In fact, that’s most desirable in today’s Ethiopia. They are one and the same.

    Have a good one!

  9. በእምነት,
    Wow! Thanks for informing me who you really are — you lied, m falsifed and distorted what I said, and you put words in my mouth that I never said. Not good young man!
    Take care.

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