The Oromo Federalist Congress denounces the act of ethnic cleansing against Oromo by Somali Liyu police in a statement it released on Jan 31st, 2017. 

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by Nagessa Oddo Dube‎

In this statement OFC stressed:
??The government could have stopped the massacre but it is not willing to.

??The intentions behind this is to displace Oromo from its land the same as the Masterplan

??it also has the intention of reducing the Oromo population, intention to commit genocide.

?? Condemned irresponsible act of the regime in killing thousands; incarcerating tens of thousands peaceful and non violent opposition leaders, members, journalists …

??The Liyu police, a special force which is trained, armed and paid by the Federal government, does not represent the interest of Somali People.

?? It is very wrong if EPRDF is doing this to extend its time in power inciting conflict and ethnic cleansing on the already drought stricken and starved Oromo mass.

?? If the intent behind inciting this conflict is to create enmity between the two brotherly ethnic groups, that will never succeed. It’s not possible to create long term enmity between the people. They will understand who is behind the conflict. Governments change but people will remain and live together!

?? Finally we want to warn the masterminds and direct offenders who are inciting and involved in this conflict that time will come that they will be legally and historically accountable/liable for their act.

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