The OLF Press Release on TPLF’s Mass killings of the Oromo Students.

kemal_gelchiThe Mass killing of the Oromo students who have peacefully protested against injustices in Ethiopia is only invigorate the Oromo people struggle for justice.

Since the last twenty three years , the Tigray Liberation Front (the TPLF) controls the state power in Ethiopia, the TPLF regime has targeted Oromo people in general and Oromo students in particular. The TPLF has arrested, tortured and killed thousands Oromo in the past twenty three years. The current sense less mass killings of Oromo students in different universities, like Ambo, Wallaga, Dire Dawa, Robe, Adamaa,Haramaya,Jimma , Illu , etc is the heinous crime that shocked the conscious of humanity.

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