The number of Ethio-Eritrean crossing the Shabia administration area is on the rise

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By Seyoum Workneh

51b9a7a76Ethiopia is one of the oldest and independent countries in Africa. As far as most Ethiopians agreed Eritrea is part of Ethiopia even though the Weyanna/EPRDF and Shabiya ruling members divided the Eritrean state based on their desert agreement without the consent of the Ethiopian people. Eritreans were forced to give their vote based on the wrong perceptions of “freedom or slavery”.

Reference to making a choice between slavery and freedom was found in two sources. The first was in a story published in The Observer on 28 March 1993. The author reports:
The local radio in Asmara describes the referendum choice simply as: ‘Do you choose freedom or slavery?’ Because of the high level of illiteracy, the ballot papers are coloured. Blue is for yes, red is for no. Or, as the local radio helpfully puts it, ‘Red is for blood.’ (Observer 28 March 1993)
In an Addis Tribune opinion piece, Dr. Yacob Haile-Mariam wrote:
When Eritreans voted in favor of the bizarre referendum question ‘do you want to be free?’ as if anybody in his right mind would want to be a slave, they voted for a concept known as Eritrea and not for a definite geographic entity (Addis Tribune 3 Dec. 1999).

At the end of the day, Eritrean People Libration Front (EPLF) led by Isayas Afewerki with the support of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) led by the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi isolated Eritrean state and its people from Ethiopia which somehow creates hatred between the Ethiopian and Eritreans who doesn’t clearly understand the drama of the two groups. Finally this creates chaos in the two sides in the pretext of border conflict which lasts for two years that costs more than 80,000 lives in the two sides.

Having said I want to go back to the main agenda of this paper title. Currently the number of ethio-eritrean crossing the Shabia administration area is more than doubled over the past two years. Per Liya Nuru sources ( and According to Nur-Hussein Mohammed, Program Coordination Office for Northern Eritrean Office head, the number of Eritreans crossing the border into Ethiopia daily has more than doubled over the past two years taking the total number of Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia to over 82 thousand.
A fourth and new camp has been opened at a place called ‘Hitsats’ in an effort to accommodate the influx.
More than five thousand Eritrean refugees have already been received since the opening of the camp some five months back.
Of the Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia, over 80 percent are youngsters; 40 percent are ex-soldiers; the remaining are civil servants who have completed national military service.
Mandatory national military service, human rights violations and high cost of living are the major factors forcing Eritreans to migrate, some of the refugees have said.

With the same token all Ethiopian people are prisoner of conscience since the weyanna/EPRDF administration came to power more than ever. This shows there is a need of cooperation between the Ethiopian and Eritrean to free ourselves from those cruel regimes and bring a democratic Ethiopia. Don’t forget the number of peoples who lost and lose their life when they try to evacuate from these dictatorship in the hope of getting a better future and freedom. We are in prison in the free world. We need to stand in unison to free ourselves.

“We are in prison in the free world”


  1. I could not agree more. We are in a slavery state, we lost thousands who try to stand for freedom, we are so afraid to be honest about these dictatorial leaders, we watched them grab what they can and make themselves the world richest leaders, not only. That we paid the money we don’t have to built a house for Azeb who banked more than 4billion dollar only her and her children’s bank. We are so afraid to protest for our brothers and sisters who are in prison with no crime committed due to the fact they refuse to serve these inhumane government.
    This is the worst slavery era in the world.

  2. The question of Eritrea did not start during woyane era, it started when the Amhara king (King Menilike) sold half of Tigraye today known as Eritrea to Italy, Menilike had sold Eritrea to Italy in order to blackmail and to divide and weaken the political challenger of the NORTH in order to preserve Amhara power monopoly and to establish socioeconomic dominance of the Amhara tribe.
    it was then the Eritrean nationalism took its ground, many Eritreans were upset and disgusted for being sold out by Menilike. In early 1960’s many Eritreans wanted to be part of Ethiopia under federal system however the Haileselassie regime contenued attacking the pro federalist and forced them to the other side of the line, then the killing started millions of Eritreans were mass genocided during these Amhara era, hundreds of thousands of Eritreans had already abandoned their country to Europe and North America. By the time the Dergue regime arrived the Eritrean situation become more tense and dangerous and conventional warfare and air bombardment took its course everyday for for two decades this time there was no pro federalism left but the Entire Eritrean population had no choice but independence, Eritreans had witnessed millions of their sons and daughters violated and systematically genocider by the Amhara dominated governments,and when the opportunity came all Eritreans voted for independence, there is nothing woyane or anyone can do at this point the damage had already done since Menilike era to Mengestu era, It is true the Amhara governments wanted the sea access but acted as it did not want the people.
    Now the question is was it socially and economically rational for Eritrea to seek independence ???? At this point for Eritreans it is was not the matter of choice but the issue if security and survival, and the casting of independence had provided the safety, but not the economic security or comfort.

    Will Eritrea join their Ethiopian brothers and sisters ? ? “Conditionally maybe” . Saying this I am not excluding but under scoring the “hidden foreign elements” .

  3. Well said to confuse and mislead your readers with totally unfounded statistics. This way you are hurting more than helping the Eritrean people by adding more to the already confused people. Fact is Eritrea is farce. It is no longer capable to exist as political entity and will implode by it self sooner or later with out any external factors. I wish you stop brainwashing this people with hatred and you realize that it doesn’t help them at all. Are you proud of seeing those young Eritreans fleeing their country only to die in the desert?

  4. Eritrea and Ethiopia have to live as good neighbours peacefully. 100% Eritreans are proud to be Eritreans and Eritrea is sovereign state.

  5. Seyoum werkneh,

    You need to remove your blinkers, no wonder Ethiopia or the Horn is in mess because the likes of you are muddying the water.

    Yoiu absulut Shinfila!!

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