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The New EPRDF Chairman Must Respond Positively to the People’s Demand

Ginbot 7 and Dr Abiy

Patriotic Ginbot 7 Statment

The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) government has finally elected Dr. Abiy Ahmed as its new party Chairman to replace the outgoing Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn. While Dr. Abiy’s election answers the question of who will replace Hailemariam, it also raises two other important questions: whether the replacement represents the usual trickery from the TPLF playbook, or is it a genuine effort by reformists within the regime to address the demands of the Ethiopian people? We will soon learn the answers to these questions.

In the last three years, there has been an internal struggle within the EPRDF between those who are bent on maintaining the status quo and those who want to upend the political system in response to the people’s demand for fundamental change. If Dr. Abiy’s ascendancy to the premiership represents a triumph for the reformist wing within EPRDF to bring about fundamental changes to peacefully transition Ethiopia from dictatorship to democracy, Patriotic Ginbot 7 (PG 7) will view it as a step in the right direction.

It’s no secret that Dr. Abiy’s election comes at a critical time in Ethiopian history. Currently, the country is engulfed by massive protests with people demanding freedom, justice, and respect for fundamental human rights, civil liberties and inclusive governance. In this process, enormous sacrifice has been paid by the Ethiopian people through thousands innocent lives lost and too much bloodshed, agony, and anguish. After all these sacrifices, it must be understood by all that the quest for real change towards a genuine democratic political order shall remain a non-negotiable factor. Any agent of change that does not address this fundamental truth will invite the people’s wrath upon himself.

As the elected chairman of EPRDF, it’s a foregone conclusion that Dr. Abiy will be sworn in as the next Prime Minister. If his premiership is to mean the triumph of reform within EPRDF, it’s imperative to set the right agenda for change and take the following concrete measures starting on day one:

  1. Release our comrade Andargachew Tsege and all political prisoners throughout the country without any pre-conditions;
  2. Revoke immediately the illegal and draconian State of Emergency and lift all restrictions on fundamental human rights and civil liberties;
  3. Stop the killing of civilians and restructure the security forces that have been committing the killings with impunity;
  4. Communicate a clear roadmap to convene a national conference of all stakeholders to discuss about the future all-inclusive transitional arrangement.

While applauding the initial success of the reformist group, we are also cognizant of the fact that there are still powerful elements within EPRDF that are not happy with the result of the election and we expect them to use the deep state within their control  to stall and frustrate change. It’s necessary to keep an eye and stand guard against any such potential sabotage.

Since its inception, Patriotic Ginbot 7 has been operating under a firm principle of working collaboratively with change agents from any quarter as long as genuine democracy is their end game. At the same time, until the transition from dictatorship to democracy becomes a reality, we urge the Ethiopian people who have paid immense sacrifice to continue their determined and just struggle for freedom, justice, and democracy until victory.

Justice, liberty, and Unity for the people of Ethiopia!

Contact: foreign@patriotg7.org


  1. „… we urge the Ethiopian people who have paid immense sacrifice to continue their determined and just struggle for freedom, justice, and democracy until victory.„
    Who are you to tell the Ethiopian people what to do and not to do?
    Death to Woyane, Shabia and Gim7

  2. Here is a brief biography of Ato Ahmed,

    Military career
    “As a teenager and in 1991, he joined the armed struggle against the Derg Socialist Regime and was a soldier in the coalition army that resulted in Derg’s fall in 1991.[8]
    After the fall of the Derg, he took formal military training from Assefa Brigade in West Wollega and was stationed there. His military post was in intelligence and communications. Later on he became a soldier in the now Ethiopian National Defense Force in 1993 and worked mostly in intelligence and communications department. In 1995, after the Rwandan genocide, he was deployed as a member of the United Nations Peace Keeping Force (UNAMIR), Kigali, Rwanda.[9] In the Ethio-Eritrea border war between 1998 and 2000, he led an intelligence team to discover positions of the Eritrean Defence Forces. Until 2010, Abiy achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.[7]
    He established the Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency (INSA) in 2007.[10] Until 2010, he was the founding director of INSA. During this time, he was also board member of several government agencies working on information and communications, like Ethio Telecom and Ethiopian Television.”

    This dude has been with the devil/terrorist/criminal/mafia TPLF/EPRDF before the formation of EPRDF and continued to be with EPRDF throughout its brutal/tyrannical/criminal rein in power up to the present day. . He is a complete insider and part and parcel of EPRDF. Ato Ahmed is EPRDF and EPRDF is Ato Ahmed. Therefore IT IS A PIPE DREAM, INSANITY, CONSTANT STATE OF DELUSION AND HALLUCIANTION TO EXPECT EVEN A SINGLE REFORM. YOU AIN’T GETTING NONE FOOLS. KEEP DREAMING.
    My advise to leaders of patriotc ginbot 7 is to snap yourself out the pipe dream, delusion. Snap yourself back to reality, commonsense. ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY. Every member of EPRDF is corrupted Absolutely. It is a done deal without a trace of hope. IT IS LIKE HOPING TO RECUSSITATE A DEAD HOUSE/DONKEY OR DRIVE A TOTALLED CAR. It ain’t going to happen. Instead, use our/your precious time to expedite the downfall of devil TPLF/EPRDF. TIME OF THE ESSENCE HERE. TIME IS GOLD. OUR PEOPLE ARE STARVING, DYING, MADE HOMELESS, MADE BEGGARS, EXILED, USED AS SLAVES, WORKED TO DEATH, UNEMPLOYED, ROTTING IN JAIL AND REFUGEE CAMPS ALL OVER THE WORLD ON A DAILY BASIS. We in diaspora can wait a very long time since our day to day life is not affected by what goes on in ethiopia but our brothers and sisters in Ethiopia, Africa, Middle East and refugee camps all over the world can’t wait. WE OUGHT TO HAVE AN EMPATHY. WE NEED TO PUT OURSELVES IN THEIR SHOE. HOW DO WE FEEL IF WE WERE AN EVERY DAY RESIDENT OF ETHIOPIA. VERY VERY BAD, RIGHT. Moreover, the leaders of patriotic ginbot 7 should empathize with their foot soldiers. These foot soldiers have sacrificed a great deal by leaving their careers and family to go to the deserts of Eritrea, live under a very harsh condition 24/7 in order to liberate Ethiopians from the TPLF/EPRDF tyranny and bring about democracy/liberty/freedom/meritocracy and rule of law in Ethiopia. These patriotic warrior foot soldiers want an expedited victory so that they go back to Ethiopia to join their family and start living a normal life.

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