The negative consequences of the Tigre colonialism on our ability to choose what we want

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By Rundassa Asheetee Hundee

Times and circumstances seem to force us repeat the mistakes of the generation before us.

Since the Tigre colonialism began in 1991, many Oromos have turned a deaf ear to the uncertainties that the Tigre tribal rulers have created and refused to establish organization that can regulate the affairs of the Oromo people, notwithstanding the challenges created by power hungry and attention seekers.


Although the Tigre colonists claim that every ethnic group in empire Ethiopia run their own affairs without any interference, there are no free local organizational structures that function or manage own affair without the Tigrean colonist general ‘s interference.  This reality explains that the fundamental truth is that Oromia is under the Tigre tribe colonial rule and destroying the tribe’s political structure must have been the main objective of every citizen of Oromia.

Nevertheless, many Oromo political organizations inside and outside of Oromia are used for the identical purposes for which the political parties in America are used.   With a key difference, one side advocating that it is possible to coexist with the colonizers, and that the Oromo people have the ability to make their own choices, on the other, provides Tigre colonists the power not to relinquish the freedoms they’ve robbed from us.  In fact, the Tigrean colonists have been honest about their intention of transforming their empire into rich Habasha class dominated political economy that will be defended by rich Tigreans similar to Donald Trump of America.  They even called the current mass appraisal “an opportunity” and went onto learn from it and re-configure their system so that they could stay in power for as long as they are alive.

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Before America was liberated from the British colonial rule, one American thinker argued saying that this large territory called America can’t be governed by sheer effort of building white people ‘s culture and religion values but by allowing multiple opposing parties and ideologies that compete.  In order to convince his fellow thinkers, he used the diversity of the universe and explained how gravity pulled dissimilar properties together and balance was created.

I have had an opportunity to use space Telescopes erected at walking distance from my house and saw galaxies consisting of billions of stars hanging in the space being balanced by fundamental forces that govern matter in the universe allowing stars, planets, life, and people to exist.  Whenever I think of that, I realize that if the force of gravity becomes slightly weaker than what it actually is, the universe will be in chaos or stars could not formed because gravity would not be strong enough to hold them together.  Similarly, if there were no stars, there could be no planets and no people. On the other hand, if gravity was slightly stronger than what it currently is, all matter would quickly end up in black holes; again, these are conditions that do not allow the existence of stars, planets, you or me.

Fundamentally, the fact that we oppose to each other keeps us balanced, not only leaving the Tigre colonization in place but the conditions that allows the Tigre colonialism to exist. Those conditions are imprisonments, torture, death suffering, starvation and despair.

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Here, it is important that the way the universe is balanced and the way the Tigre tribe uses our differences and balance opposition are entirely different because universe is natural and what the Tigre tribe is doing to us is something that we allow to happen. In other words, we suffer under the Tigre colonization because we undermined each other’s ability to make our free choices.

Contrary to our weak attitudes however, thinkers of our century believe that even the universe can be determined IF its starting conditions and all the rules that govern the galaxies and stars down to atoms and electrons are known. The thinkers argue that if these rules are understood, one can mathematically determine everything that would happen in the future. In such a universe, every decision can be predicted by an equation.

Now, when we look into the Tigre colonial political equation, we know that the actions they take and the results of those actions would depend ultimately on how things were set up in the beginning. In other words, every action would be a consequence of the way things were created, and there could be no free will in such structure.

Here, it is important to see the differences between the laws of universe and the artificial Tigre colonial laws. In the Tigre colonial rule case, there are limits to what they can do while in the universe case it is difficult to even measure the smallest things such as the position or the speed of an electron, let alone the entire universe. Even then, people can understand scientifically the way the universe functions. For example, Quantum uncertainty explains why atoms behave the way they do. That we can see from how practical devices like transistors and lasers work.

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So far, the Tigre colonists and the pro Minilik era Ethiopianists continued telling us that their system is designed to guarantee us an opportunity to freedom and yet they are not hesitant to tell us that our oromo social fabric should be destroyed in order for us to be equal to them. While such bold demands have devastating consequences on the way we live our lives, the way the universe is balanced does not put our existence in question as much the Habasha colonization does.

Our life experience suggests that it will never be possible for us to live in peace under the Habasha colonial rule because taking such course would destroy our ability to make the choices we wish to make.  The Habasha tribe can’t reason nor logical, of course they can choose what is good for them.  When we do minimal effort on our part to get rid of such determinist attitude, we essentially accept the Habashas greedy demands and limit our future by compromising our rights.

The practical question for us, then, is “How do we learn to use the precious gift we have as people and make our own choices.

Rundassa Asheetee Hudee


  1. Let us be specific: it is the Tigre banda tribe which is colonizing Ethiopia. There is a tribe which is a make up of descendants of banda (traitor) families in Tigray.

    TPLF is an organization of these bandas, not of the Tigray proper.

    It is very important to very well know this fact and act accordingly in the struggle for better Ethiopia.

  2. Aba Mela says:
    November 18, 2016 at 6:30 pm
    Those Ethiopians who are not Tigrayans should check themselves and their relationships with Tigrayans. In 2016 Whether in diaspora or in Ethiopia civilan Tigrayans are on a rampage of backstabbing and sabotaging other Ethiopians in a higher rate than any year before. Civilian Tigrayans are bringing so much destruction in the lives of other Ethiopians at a rapid pace. Civilian Tigrayans are using the thrust Ethiopians gave them as a weakness to ruin the lives whether it is in a work , neighborhood , community , health care facilities and so on . Just see how many Ethiopians lost money , lost their marriage , lost their social lives , lost their health and so on because of the sabotage and misplaced thrust on civilian Tigrayans and you know I am right if you go look at the history of our brothers and sisters who had lost everything to Tigrayans. Here in diaspora If you have a Tigrayan person that works under you in your organization make sure you donot eat or drink around them because countless people had been given poison that made them loose their minds so the Tigrayans get promoted to their position . 3 out of 4 MENTALLY DISABLED Ethiopians we see begging on the streets in the inner cities of USA ended up permanently insane becauset they were drugged by Woyane or Tigrayans so the Woyane or Tigrayans can take their life . How I knew is because they keep their list to monitor them to be ready incase they gain their health back. THE TIGRAYANS GO SEARCHING FOR THE POISONED ETHIOPIANS REGULARLY SOMETIMES FOR MONTHS UNTIL THEY FIND THE DISABLED TO MAKE SURE THE DISABLED DIDNOT GAIN BOTH THEIR HEALTH AND SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE AGAIN. If the disabled seem to be recovering the Tigrayans drug them again by taking them to a restaurant nearby without hesitation. I say to all Ethiopians who associate with Tigrayans donot keep your food or drink where the Woyane or Tigrayans can reach it .

  3. Congratulations My Tigrayan Brothers and Sisters!!! You are now not only an African but a bona fide ‘Colonizer’ at par with Queen Victoria, Belgian King Leopold, Otto von Bismark and Napoleon III. By the way, don’t forget to wear your Pith Helmet. You know what is special about your feat as a colonizer? You did in 2016 and you have made all your predecessors extremely jealous. It would be doubly satisfying that you have joined the exclusive home grown colonizers’ college along with our Amhara Sisters and Brothers. And please make sure to make room for my proud Itu clans and I will seek your counsel about that soon. How did you do it, you rascals you!!!!

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